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The Jar Healthy Vending Guide to Diet Plans

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

It’s nearly weekend and many are sure thinking about committing a cheat day. Because healthy diets are cool but being happy is always better. We are pro balanced and mindful lifestyle. So how about fries this weekend - it’s still vegetarian, right?

But jokes aside, what if your cheat day craving doesn't actually mean betraying your current diet plan but rather it shows that you should follow a different diet plan?

The Jar Healthy Vending team decided to do a research on trending diets (spoiler: keto and paleo are not on the list) and figure out once and for all which cravings are ok for pescetarians, why every day is cheat day on volumetrics diet and why pasta can be the best diet plan.

Cheat day craving: Seafood (maybe a dozen of Duke of York Square market oysters?)

Answer: Seagan diet

The latest trendy addition to healthy glossary. Is it the next big thing? We don’t know, but experts sure think so.

The plant-based regimen is good but according to seagans – seafood meals each week are key to the balanced diet and lifestyle. The logic behind the trend is sourcing the omega 3 which is hard to get from plants.

Lucky if you live on the coastline, otherwise such diet may cost a pretty penny.

Cheat day craving: bun-less burger or a steak

Answer: Flexitarian diet

Next time when you are busted eating some hearty meat meal, after the many times you said you want to be vegetarian - just proudly declare you are flexitarian from now on.

Because as a flexitarian, you can sugarcoat your normally meatless diet with occasional meat or fish. How often is occasionally? You decide. Anyway, no crime here, enjoy that steak.

Cheat-day craving: fish but with a creamy-creamy sauce

Answer: Pescetarianism

It is a lifestyle that centres on a vegetarian diet excluding the meat of all land-based animals and poultry. Basically, only plants and fish. And, excuse us, how’s that different from seagan diet?

Pescatarians consume dairy and eggs, with the addition of fish. Whilst the Seagan diet is completely dairy free. So if your soft spot is the creamy sauce - welcome to pescetarianism.

Cheat day craving: desserts and fried foods!

Answer: Volumetrics diet

Eat anything but pay attention to energy density or a number of calories. Here are four categories of food:

1. Anytime fruits, veggies and soups

2. Whole grains

3. Small portions of bread and desserts

4. Sparing portions of fried foods

Dr Rolls, the mastermind behind this diet plan, believes that by eating low-calorie foods you can eat as much as you'd like and eliminate the feelings of hunger, fatigue, and depression that often accompany other diets.

Ok, so, if I eat 5 packets of low-calorie crisps would that be ok? I guess so. Cheat day every day. Indulge, as long as you make trade-offs elsewhere.

Cheat day craving: pasta, pizza and a glass of wine

Answer: The Mediterranean Diet

This diet turns up in the study after study as one of the best for our brains, bodies, and longevity.

Pillars of Mediterranean Diet are traditional cuisine of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, sharing meals with family and friends, enjoying a glass of red wine and being physically active.

No restrictions, just living your best life. Bring on the pizza!

As a bonus, 3 weirdest diets:

The Carnivore Diet

Eating only animal products. Warning: nutritionists don't think this is a good plan.

For those who really do not fancy vegetarians and want to prove them wrong.

The Sleeping Beauty Diet

You can't eat when you're sleeping. Genius? We think so.

The Blue Colour Diet

Apparently, blue colour suppresses appetite. So if you want to eat less, wear blue glasses.

First of all, blue lenses will make your food less appetising, second, you will look cool. Those Ray-Bans know what they are doing.

You can make a decision to follow any diet, even come up with your own, as long as it makes you feel content, happy and energised.

But if you ask The Jar Healthy Vending team - smoothies and juices, hearty meals with balanced carbs and protein and natural snacks are our ultimate secret to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Check our carefully selected menu to support your healthy lifestyle and satisfy your cravings effortlessly easy!

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