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3 ways to improve eating habits with The Jar - Healthy Vending

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

The spring is at its heyday. And we say, this is a great time to kickstart a healthier lifestyle and build new habits. Better eating habits, for example.

Since we are so used to overcomplicating things when it comes to diet talks, The Jar - Healthy Vending team wants to prove that eating healthy should never be a headache, but a simple and easy way of life.

Big changes start with small but consistent steps, especially when it comes to diets. Lets begin with a few simple tips together.

1. Water over sugary drinks, stay hydrated!

This may sound like a very old story you probably heard a million times, but bear with us because, honestly, it is that important. Imagine, a plant without irrigation wilts in just a day but flourishes instantly with a few drops of water. Same with our bodies, even though you can’t see it, we guarantee you will feel it. Once you have enough nourishment in a day, your productivity and liveliness will be taken to the next level.

Nothing can do the job better than water. To some, it may be not a first drink choice because well, it's flavourless and boring. But hey, boring aside with The Jar - Healthy Vending! Staying hydrated with our selection of nourishing drinks is as easy as pie. Water is refreshing yes, but infused water has an undeniable bonus – amazing taste. And we have loads to choose from - no1. Rosemary water, Rejuvenation water with no added sugars, protein and amino-acids and even sparkling fruit infused water from DASH and Ugly Drinks with berries, lemon or orange flavours. Just finding your favourite will already cover that daily water intake and charge you with all the necessary vitamins.

Healthy Vending in London, UK.
Sparkling infused water from DASH. Stay hydrated with taste! Source: @dashdrinks

2. Plan your meals and snacks

Never ignore that feeling of hunger! If your stomach is giving you the unhappy roars, it is time to snack on something asap. Otherwise, some drastic consequences might follow. Like overeating during the next meal, snacking on something far from healthy, or just being preoccupied with annoyance instead of focusing on the important stuff. Remember, a healthy diet should never be a problem. It should be there to support your productive lifestyle!

Our team has both to offer – healthy meals and nutritious snacks. If you do not have a balanced lunch or dinner prepared from home, you can always get freshly made restaurant quality meals from our Healthy Vending machines. And snacks... It is indeed our speciality! Choose anything pleasing to your eye, and it will be a 100% healthy choice. Absolutely no chance anything can go wrong.

Healthy Vending machines in London, UK.
Seasonal Roasted Portobello Mushroom from EatFirst, tailored meals available at The Jar - Healthy Vending. Source: @eatfirst

3. Prioritise nutrients over calories

Let’s admit it, one of the first things that come to mind when you hear the word ‘diet’ is ‘calories’. Just thinking about calculating the daily calorie norm and finding out how fattening is that one nut you ate turns the joy and simplicity of food into a math test. And this is overwhelming. It might help to monitor the food intake, but soon it becomes one of those things that just make us go ‘ugh who needs diet anyway’. Constantly checking the nutrition facts labels and counting calories is a time-consuming task. And we do have other more important things to think about, don’t we?

Healthy Vending in London, UK.
Proof that calories and nutrients are not equal. Statistics from Fresh Fitness Food. Source: @freshfitnessfood

Which is why our team has adopted the philosophy of mindful eating. Without vital vitamins and minerals, any diet may be truly useless to our health. Try focusing on nutrients rather than calories by choosing whole foods and grains that naturally provide good energy and nourishment. Our Healthy Vending machines offer a range of tailored meals by Fresh Fitness Food, which are absolutely amazing in balancing out your lunch or dinner.

Healthy Vending in London, UK.
A nutritious meal by Fresh Fitness Food. Source: @freshfitnessfood

Have control over what you eat with The Jar - Healthy Vending!

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