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The story behind The Jar Healthy Vending

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

We know you enjoy our very nutritiously packed stories about diets, vitamins and exercises that keep you on track of becoming a superhuman together with the Jar Healthy Vending team. However, we also have a thought that we might need to get a bit more personal with you so you can love not only our products but also people who are behind it😉Thus, it’s great time to share with you a little story of how a regular glass jar became The Jar you all know.

As a very professional start-up we’ve started from what? From the garage! Alright, it is not completely the truth as the garage came later. First, it was many brainstorming sessions on the kitchen close to the garage in old 2015. From that time for a year we thought of many concepts that would bring London great healthy taste at affordable price. Back then healthy food was quite a luxury.

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

It’s exactly the time you ask: why the JAR? Who is this JAR? So, The Jar was the first idea of making all our food on our own and beautifully pack it in very Earth friendly jars that we would then store in our innovative vending machines. We built first logo on it, we hired best chefs in healthy niche to create the menus for us, we even got interviewed by Artefact magazine on our idea.

Sad story but original plan did not work out as we wanted it to be. Costs of making the meals so personalised got too high to compete on the market with the fast food giants. Of course, we could just map ourselves on the other level and have more pricey competitors but the main idea was to make healthy food available to everyone, so we worked out the new plan to cooperate with local suppliers instead.

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Since then we have been carefully selecting best of the best on the London scene to make sure you get it all: vegan, diary and sugar free but same time delicious bites and beverages at the click of the button in all of our healthy vending machines in London. We managed to reach our goal to make healthy food convenient, affordable and most importantly tasty! Just try Pollen & Grace bars, we are madly in love with them. We've been working together with our partners for the last few years in order to bring our machines to every corner of London so you don’t need to grab that greasy sandwich just because you are hungry.

This year was an appearance change for the The Jar Healthy Vending. With the change of our logo the Jar Healthy Vending our creative team decided also to make a surprise for our founder’s birthday by creating new merch pieces for the team! Check out these two gorgeous Jar guards in their new t-shirts. While making it we thought how many people associate healthy with boring and how actually wrong is that. That is how we decided to put a pinch of humour in it, let us know if we can start doing The Jar Stand-Up Show or it’s too early for that? We are taking serious pre-orders for new release, just in case;)

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

We hope you loved our short story about The Jar’s life and we can’t wait to talk next time with you about the heroes of our company!

Spoiler: One of them is called George but he is not George!

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