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The Jar - Healthy Vending Corporate Culture

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Healthy is wealth, isn’t it?

At The Jar Healthy Vending, we do not limit the ‘healthy’ word only to the process of selecting products made of freshest ingredients. Healthy for us has a much deeper meaning and it spreads over all of our company’s values. Although our office has less than 10 people in total, we are constantly adopting new practices which can stimulate our thriving growth. Today we are sharing with you the principles which stand behind our corporate culture.

Keep the door open

This principle is a foundation of our work at the Jar. Letting everyone be open with each other allows us to think critically, evaluate our decisions, and generate powerful ideas. Each member of our team no matter what he or she does are welcome towards feedbacks and suggestions. Sometimes it might be getting hard to take the personal aspect out of it but on the other side, it brings the opportunity to widen your mind and perception. It helps each member to feel that his or her ideas are worth spreading. Moreover, it minimizes the fear of mistakes and drives innovation. When you are surrounded by people that are ready to listen, you are more willing to bring your input into the business.

Take care of each other

Working far away from each other sooner or later can sweep the team spirit away. To not let this happen we’ve consciously chosen to show our care to each other. Surely, it does not mean we ask our colleagues how they are doing every 5 minutes but we do support one another when it’s actually needed. In such unprecedented times as now the little perks like sending vitamins to your colleagues or making a surprise delivery for them really changes the big picture. Small things matter the most at the end of the day.

Mens sana in corpore sano

Latin famous saying which stands for another core principle of our corporate culture ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. Writing about healthy routines and diets would not be real if we did not follow those rules ourselves. Our office is our place for development in both physical and mental ways. Our shelves are full of fresh herbs and veggies which our CEO Iurii grows himself as he supports sustainable farming. We love to exercise together from going for a run before work to exploring Barry’s studios around the world on our trips. We advocate a healthy lifestyle through living to the same rules.

Work/Life balance

Last but not the least principle we have at the Jar is respecting everyone’s own work/life balance. There is no set schedule at the Jar related to tasks that do not require customer support. Everyone is free to come and go when they want if they make sure their job is done. We think working from 9 to 6 is outdated. Instead, we encourage our employees to focus on self-discipline which brings many more benefits than knowing how to sit in one place for a certain amount of hours.

To summarize the main idea behind our principles is that a healthy corporate culture starts from healthy values and mindset. If you want to build a healthy corporate culture think of principles that suit the values, you are selling and incorporate them into the daily life of your employees.

Have a great productive week ahead! :)

The Jar Team

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