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Serviced vending machines London to promote healthy eating to the people around you

Traditional vending machines are bad for our health; they are filled with snacks that are loaded with salt, sugar, unhealthy fats and calories. At the same time, these snacks are low in nutritional value and harm your health. If you have a traditional vending machine, then you need to contact us at The Jar and find out about replacing it with serviced vending machines London. Here at The Jar, we are passionate about healthy eating, and we can supply healthy serviced vending machines London for your venue. Suppose you have an office, educational institute, entertainment venue or other public space; we can deliver and install healthy serviced vending machines London.

Advantages of serviced vending machines

Serviced vending machines come at no cost to you or your venue; however, they have a significant positive impact on the people around you. Most people reach for the vending machine when they are in a hurry or when hunger strikes in the middle of the day when they do not have time for a proper meal. If you have a healthy vending machine, then this encourages your clients, employees or students to make healthy choices when they are pushed for time. Our healthy vending machines provide delicious and nutritious snacks, meal options and drinks, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables to meet all requirements. We cater for many dietary requirements, including vegan and gluten-free. Our products are reasonably priced, we use sustainable packaging, and our vending machines are eco-friendly.

What makes our vending machines special?

We have three different designs to choose from, and each of the vending machines is modern, secure and user-friendly. They have large touchscreen features that show you what products are available and the nutritional and allergy information of each. They are refrigerated and temperature controlled to keep food fresh. We have strategies in place to ensure that there is no wastage and that any leftover food is distributed amongst charities.

A further advantage of our serviced vending machines is that they are remotely controlled; we will look after them on your behalf, making sure they function at all times and monitoring stock levels, refilling as necessary.

Promoting healthy living

By providing a vending machine with healthy choices, you can promote better health and well-being to the people around you. In this modern era, most people understand the need for healthy eating; however, this can be compromised at work or during the day because everyone is busy and unable to find time for a sit-down meal.

With the help of our serviced vending machines, your employees or students can choose from a large selection of options, and whatever item they choose will have a beneficial effect on their bodies. Healthy eating not only fuels the body and encourages it to work at its optimal function but also helps reduce the chances of weight gain and obesity. Over time, making healthy choices can reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. It can improve brain health, cognitive function and immunity, helping people to avoid the symptoms of certain diseases. Visit our website to read more about our vending machines and get in touch so that you can have a healthy vending machine for your venue very soon at no cost to yourself.

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