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A quick guide to our serviced vending machines: what you need to know

When you are looking for a new vending machine for your workplace or venue, why not try a new and fresher option?

Many people are used to seeing the traditional vending machines which provide fizzy drinks, crisps and chocolate, so what about having a vending machine that can offer healthier foods and drinks?

When you decide to opt for the healthier choice, call our team at The Jar. We are passionate about offering healthy serviced vending machines London, and our team is always on hand to discuss the requirements that you have for your workplace.

So, here is a quick guide to our serviced vending machines London.

The different machines we offer

At The Jar, we currently offer 3 different types of vending machines.

The MK 1 is our original machine, which is refrigerated, remote monitored and is able to offer a touch screen for food selection. As one of our serviced vending machines London, it communicates with our team via being connected to your workplace’s wifi, or the 4G or 5G signal.

Next is the MK2, which is a slimmer version of the MK1, but also offers a touchscreen display to help your staff select their food items.

It connects via wifi and can hold over 600 items, depending on item sizes.

Then we have the MK3, which has the same features as the previous 2, but also has an error proof-design and can turn itself on and off as and when someone approaches it (via a camera) to help keep the power usage of the machine down.

How to keep them topped up

The good news is that with our vending machines, once they are installed, you don't have to do anything!

Each machine has a range of sensors installed, which allows us to assess stock levels, as well as see which foods and snacks are selling out quickly. So, once your stocks reach a certain level, our team will be able to come to your workplace and restock the machine.


If you have a set of snacks in your machine that is consistently not selling, we can replace them with a different option from our wide range of snacks.

Food options

Our healthy vending machines offer low-fat, low-salt and low-sugar healthy snacks, as well as drinks that are low on sugar and additives.

We offer fresh produce in the form of snack packs based around raw fruit and veg, water, juices, vegetable crisps (like beetroot), gluten-free nut bars and even vegan food options too. We can also provide jerky, which will be low-salt and low-fat and will be based on lean meats like salmon, turkey, chicken and beef.

If you have specific requirements for your company or venue's vending machine, please call us today, and we will be able to discuss your preferences.

Next steps

If it sounds like your workplace or venue could benefit from one of our vending machines, then please contact our team at The Jar today. We will be happy to discuss the requirements that you have for your staff, and while we do not charge an installation fee, we do require a minimum 6-month contract.

So, if you want to take the next steps towards healthier eating, call our team today!

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