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New line alert: The Jar Smart Fridges

Today, the Jar Healthy vending team is ready to share great news with all of you! We have been waiting for so long to finally announce it and now we are ready for it. Today’s post will be all about introducing you to the very first line of smart fridges by the Jar - Healthy Vending. We have not yet made an official page, so, please do feel special about knowing it first.

Smart vending fridges in London, UK

What is the smart fridge?

Smart fridge is the new trend in the corporate environment that is quickly winning the scene over the typical snacks supplied kitchen. It allows stocking the best lunches from top-notch local suppliers to make both workers more efficient and healthy options more accessible at the workplace.

How do the smart fridges by The Jar - Healthy Vending work?

Our smart fridges are the new generation of healthy vending machines in its way. It uses the system of RFDI tags on goods inside the fridge which allows quick scanning of items and charging customers via mobile app.

Despite the fact that the system might sound sophisticated, it is really user-friendly and easy to implement at any workplace. Just simply look at the 6 steps customer journey and you will have no doubts.

1️⃣ Customer opens the Jar mobile app with secured wallet

2️⃣ With the use of the app customer scans QR code on the fridge

3️⃣ Door unlocks

4️⃣ Customer removes one product or more products

5️⃣ Customer closes door and fridge locks automatically

6️⃣ Customer’s wallet is charged with the taken items

What is even better is that this customer journey can be adjusted to the need of the client based on their preferences:

Not happy with installing the app? Just simply go contactless.

Want to use it as part of an employee benefits system? Easily connect smart fridge wallets to employee’s benefit cards.

Want to make it a healthy credit card for employees? Connect to a corporate account and set to limit for purchases. Employees will be able to buy now and pay later.

What can the smart fridge fit?

Our first line of fridges will have 1850 x 1105 x 750 dimensions (mm) and will be able to provide for space of up to 512 items depending on the size of the products. You can make it a full lunch menu shelves or a stock of healthy beverages. It is all up to you and your needs.

What are the other unique features of the Jar smart fridges?

  • Camera for secure purchases

  • Engagement analytics

  • Advertising and product promotion capabilities

  • Coupons and promotions

  • Loyalty system and multi-buy deals

  • Facial recognition for customer detection

Still thinking how can it fit your business needs in the best way? Just fill in our contact form and the Jar representative will be with you shortly!

Stay healthy and lots of love!

Your Jar team❤️

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