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Morning Routine with The Jar Healthy Vending

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

"Snooze or wake up" is the nowadays Shakespeare’s "to be or not to be", isn't it?

Not long ago we discussed with you how to start working on becoming a superhuman in our biochaking series. Sleep has agreed to be an important part of this journey. We all know how to enjoy a nice deep sleep but do we actually pay enough attention to the importance of morning routine which helps our body to wake up?

The Jar Healthy Vending’s team is constantly searching for ways of improving your well-being. We all have those days when you get up on the wrong side of the bed and the whole day seems groggy and lethargic. Thus, we decided to make a little research on the best morning routine to prepare your body and mind for the new day. Have a look at our very own morning morning routine:

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Create your "To-do list"

Even though we are talking about effective morning routine we do need to prepare for it beforehand. Prepare your “to-do list” in the evening instead of time straight after waking up. It is the night before sleep when all the greatest ideas and plans seem to come. For some reasons with sleep they also seem to fade away. Write your list the night before and see how much easier it will be to stay concentrated when you already know what your plan is.

Wake up early

Very obvious, agreed. As if you didn’t know it. The truth hurts, what more can we say? Some of us can call themselves the night owls but psychologists have already proved that making it an early morning will actually affect your productivity. The Jar’s team even did an experiment and woke up one hour earlier than usual for two weeks to see if that makes any difference. By the end of the second week everyone was happy that the experiment finished and they could sleep more but quietly admitted they managed to keep up with much more things than before.

Jump around

Exercising in the morning is a torture for many of us but you do need it for being more efficient. First, a little bit of cardio will help to tone your muscles which is so “must do” in a lazy winter season. Moreover, exercising in the morning will help to turn on your immune health agent - lymphatic system. Our recommendation: just do 100 easy jumps, better on a trampoline or even a bed to make it softer for your joints. Rebounding will keep the balance of fluid between the blood and tissues at the same time making your body get rid of toxins and waste. Bonus: mood boost through stimulation of endorphin production while jumping.

Morning Affirmations

Affirmations are the positive and encouraging statements that we say to ourselves. Backed up by case studies and psychology books regular morning affirmations can help to decrease stress levels and subconsciously bring more positive attitude. For morning haters like some of us from The Jar team try saying this affirmation when you wake up: “Every morning is a good morning and every day is even better than the previous one”. Haters gonna hate but, at least, their day will become brighter, guaranteed: D

Liquid energy booster

Probably, you have already heard of that glass of water you should drink every morning to start your organism working. No doubt, that’s the best way to start your morning routine but we also have some other recommendations for other liquid energy boosters. We got some of the London’s best juices and drinks at the touch of button in our vending machines for you to match it with what you need for your day:

Beetroot Juice by PRESS London – to boost exercise performance of those 6am gym heroes and heroines.

Pomegranate Shots by Pure Earth – to reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure.

Citrus Juice by PRESS London – to support brain activity and lower cholesterol levels.

Lemon and Charcoal Water by PRESS London – in case of emergency hangover cure.

Original Kombucha by the JARR – to substitute your coffee shot.

As claimed by many researchers it is nearly impossible to change your lifestyle or even your day routine in a day. Starting from “Monday” or “Tomorrow” will not help to build the new behavior. However, if you let your morning routine become your keystone habit it will automatically trigger other smaller changes that will result in the complete new way of living for you. So, now that you know how to wake up in a right way all the other things will follow.

Always taking care of you,

The Jar Healthy Vending

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