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Guilty Pleasure Digest: Midnight Cravings

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The world of healthy must have hacks of its own to make life a little bit easier. Especially since we all have guilty pleasures and weakness when it comes to food and regimen.

Because our Jar Team, as healthy-wannabes still has cravings and moments of indulgences, we decided that there is an urgent need to do a guilty pleasure digest and once and for all decide what makes a perfect bedtime snack.

Today we’ll discuss the controversial world of midnight cravings. For those who can’t sleep hungry (I can’t) The Jar Healthy Vending will bust the myth that you absolutely can’t eat nothing before bed to have a good night sleep and a cheerful morning the next day. And honestly, it has nothing to do with self-justification, pure facts only!

But first, quite frankly, eating right before bed is not recommended by most nutritionists. And here are legit reasons why: certain food, like chocolate and other caffeine containing products, can affect your sleeping patterns. Moreover, during night time our metabolism is slowing down and food takes longer to digest leading to weight gain. Among other consequences are acid reflux, indigestion and heartburn. All of the above is highly unwanted for a healthy enthusiast.

Ideally, it’s better to avoid late-night snacking. However, we also discourage you from going to bed hungry. Because it's really more about what you're eating versus when.

Now, three reasons why it’s better to have a small nutrient-dense food or a single macronutrient snack before bed rather than trying to sleep with a rumbling stomach:

Having a small clean, low-energy food before bed can help regulate blood sugar levels that can significantly drop during the night and bring along moodiness in the morning. Low levels result in less energy and an associated groggy feeling, while higher levels cause boosts of energy, increasing sleep disruptions.

Foods like fruits, nuts, oatmeal regulate blood sugar levels. The Jar Healthy Vending always has a few such delicious options on standby which you can get for breakfast or safely eat before bed with no second thoughts.

Choose from a wide range of healthy porridges from Pollen and Grace Raspberry Porridge to Stoats delicacy with Apple and Cinnamon. Or as an alternative to a quick, nourishing snack have Plenish Almond Butter Shake for a craving fix.

One of the important amino acids in our body, tryptophan, is also a desirable component of a good night's sleep. It increases serotonin - a happy chemical which gives us a feeling of wellbeing and melatonin responsible for our sleep wake-cycle.

Our bodies do not produce tryptophan naturally—instead, we consume foods that contain tryptophan to induce sleep. Tryptophan-rich foods include milk, cheese, eggs, nuts, fish, and beans.

For example, Deliciously Ella gluten free jumbo oats, mixed with sweet apricots and crunchy almonds could have a good sedative effect at night. Enjoy it as a speedy breakfast on the go or have as a bedtime snack by simply adding naturally tryptophan-rich milk to the pot.

The name speaks for itself, to be honest, the word melatonin even sounds calming. This wonderful hormone regulates the sleep-wake cycle of all creatures and even plants. Human brain actively produces this substance during dark time of the day, about 70% of the daily norm, while the peak of production usually falls between midnight and five in the morning.

By having a melatonin rich food we can actually make our sleep better. Another reason to have a snack before bed. Good sources of melatonin include cherries, walnuts, bananas and tomatoes.

This killer midnight snack Cherry and Almond Porridge Pot from Pollen And Grace will definitely satisfy you craving and induce the happy sleep.

But remember to try do away all the cravings at least 2 hours before bed time for a perfect restoring and healthy sleep!

Stay full and sleep well with The Jar Healthy Vending!

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