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Why you should install healthy vending machines in the workplace

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Eating well has become one of the most important areas many people across the UK are beginning to pay greater attention to. Health concerns are taking priority as more people are now focused on the types of foods they feed their bodies with. This has resulted in demand increase for nutritionally balanced meals and food options available at work and ‘on the go’ that accommodate for dietary and health needs (for instance diabetic-friendly or gluten-free). It is towards serving this demand that we supply healthy vending machines in London that can be easily installed in a variety of venues from gyms to art and dance studios.

With the easy availability of our healthy vending machines in London, the health-conscious can now enjoy nourishing and enriching snacks and beverages in work at their convenience.

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Benefits of installing healthy vending machines in London at the workplace

● Keep productivity levels high

It is a well-known fact that energy and productivity levels are linked to the foods we eat. The better quality foods that are rich in nutrients give what is necessary for humans to function efficiently and the better able the human body is mentally and physically to improve productivity. By providing access to easily available healthier options when it comes to lunch or midday snacks, workplaces can help their staff power through their work day at optimum productivity levels.

● Promote health

Making healthy choices is also aided by convenience and having quick access to a nourishing meal free of artificial flavours is one way of encouraging a pro-health attitude. Our extensive product menu features meals and snacks to suit a diverse array of diets including vegan and gluten-free. We place a firm focus on only selecting those products that are made with high quality natural ingredients and the use of sugars and salt are kept to a minimum. For the consumer’s peace of mind, the full dietary information about the product can be accessed via the vending machine.

● Improve employee satisfaction

It can even happen that the little things can matter to employees, like an employer installing vending machines that offer appealing healthy foods instead of high saturated fat and sugar alternatives, as this suggests that employees’ well-being matters. This is a novel step towards improving the morale and focus in the workplace.

● Keep employees onsite instead of off

Being able to purchase healthy snacks and meals onsite at work will mean staff will not have to leave the premises to look for meals they can eat. Employers can create a sense of togetherness with staff eating their meals at work instead of at different venues.

● Saves time

The availability of ready prepared foods and beverages saves time. The waiting time during lunch and coffee breaks can be minimised by having a number of vending machines installed in the staff lunchroom.

The Jar - Healthy Vending is your first choice for the supply of fully-serviced vending machines stocked with healthy delicious food and beverage options catering to those who have dietary specific needs. To find out how you can have a unit installed at your university, gym or workplace, give us a call and one of our friendly customer sales team will be happy to talk you through the simple process.

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