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What are the benefits of fully managed vending machines?

Fully managed vending London is the future of vending services. Vending machines make an excellent choice for public spaces, entertainment and leisure centres, offices and colleges. They save time from having to leave the office to walk around the corner to grab a bite to eat or make a quick dash to the shop for a snack.

But while they are a convenient solution to put snacks and beverages within easy reach of consumers or employees, at the end of the day, these are machines which need to be serviced, cleaned and re-stocked routinely. Imagine the savings in time and energy afforded by fully managed vending London.

With our convenient and stress-free vending machine services, fully managed vending London is possible with The Jar. We are a leading supplier of fully managed dispensing machines with a streamlined delivery and installation process.

What can you expect from strictly monitored vending?

There are plenty of benefits to opting for vending machines overseen by us. Here are some of the huge attractions of well managed vending.

The first benefit to the business owner is the hassle-free service. As a top supplier of tightly managed vending machines, we take care of the delivery, installation, maintenance, monitoring, cleaning and replenishment of the machines.

Our vending machines feature sophisticated technologies that allow us to keep an eye on their operation remotely, so we are aware of their operation each hour of the day, every day of the week.

Installation is extremely easy. We place vending machine units where you want or need them. What we require is an electrical power socket to plug in the unit and 1 square metre of available floor space.

Stock management is made easy. We monitor the stock levels of food items remotely. Our technicians know when the need to restock the unit arises and will ensure the food dispensing machine is replenished timeously.

Outstanding technical support is a non-negotiable factor for a leading vending machine supplier. Our vending units are purposefully designed to offer a smooth, trouble-free experience, but for those times when you do experience a problem, you are welcome to contact our technical assistant service, which is a 24-hour service.

What is in our vending machines?

Unlike many other machine services that stock delicious but highly unhealthy food and drink items, our focus is on supplying scrumptious, wholesome fresh food alternatives that support health and wellness.

We offer a customised menu comprising nutrient-rich foods and beverages sourced from handpicked food suppliers. Our vending units feature sophisticated custom-designed cooling technologies that keep an eye on the temperature within the units so that the food stays fresh. Our vending service accommodates special dietary needs and can cater to gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-restricted, vegan and vegetarian diets.

Our food product offering is diverse and can include fresh foods like salads and soups. In addition to healthy snack options, there are delicious nutritious meals for breakfast or lunch.

Want a customised vending solution for your place of business? Give us a call at The Jar. Our vending units are available and ready to be installed, so get in touch with us today to schedule a site inspection.

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