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What are the advantages of fully managed vending machines?

Have you considered placing fully managed vending machines London at your place of business? At The Jar, we aim to make the installation of fully managed vending machines London simple and stress-free.

How do fully managed vending machines London work and why choose us as your vending machine service provider? Our vending machines are locally assembled in the UK and are manufactured according to our strict specifications.

Our machines feature state-of-the-art technologies that allow us to monitor the operation of the vending machines remotely. While we ensure that our machines are designed to be trouble-free every day of the week, should you encounter a problem, you have access to our 24-hour technical assistance service at no additional cost.

The installation process is pretty straightforward. We deliver the vending machines to your premises. Our machines are placed where there is easy access to an electrical power socket. We also ask that the desired location of vending machines has at least 1 square metre of floor space free.

Once placed on site, our technicians will wait until the refrigerated vending machines are at the ideal temperature before stocking them with carefully selected fresh wholesome snacks, lunch options and beverages.

Once installed on site, we are responsible for monitoring and maintaining the vending machine. Stock levels are remotely monitored so we will know when to come out and replenish items.

Now that you know how easy it is to house one of our vending machines at your place of work or business, here are a few advantages of doing so to consider.

Ways your business benefits from acquiring fully managed vending machines

With vending machines placed at strategic locations on site, nutritionally balanced meals and beverages are within easy reach of employees. This saves them time from having to go elsewhere to find suitable food alternatives to junk food, which benefits productivity levels as this leaves them time and energy to focus on work.

It is especially beneficial for employees' productivity to ensure they rely on nutritious and wholesome foods when at work. Sugar-rich and carb-dense snacks have an adverse impact on cognitive abilities like focus and concentration.

Our food dispensing machines save the business owner time as well. We take care of servicing, cleaning and replenishing stock levels of the vending machines so all of your energy and attention can be devoted to growing your business.

Our services can be tailored to suit your business needs. The vending machines are supplied to your workplace or business premises at no cost to you and there are no monthly fees for you to worry about. In addition to this, the costs of monitoring and maintenance are borne by us, the vending machine supplier.

Our vending machines feature a customised menu with a focus on healthy eating. Our healthy food options accommodate special diets such as vegan, vegetarian, sugar-restricted, gluten-free and lactose-free. All food items meet the highest of quality standards from carefully selected food suppliers.

Fully serviced machines available from The Jar are suitable for offices, gyms, educational institutions, medical centres and entertainment complexes. Get in touch with us today and find out how you can help your employees, visitors and consumers to nutritionally healthy fresh food options.

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