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The definite guide to seasonal foods: July and August

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

We finally see summer coming to its peak time with all the blessings along. The weather is getting better with each day and all of our favorite fruits and veggies are starting to fill with flavor. Being London based healthy vending company we often feel like the UK has not much to offer in means of seasonal treats throughout most of the year, but summer is definitely the time of homeland food prosperity in this country. From mouthwatering ripe tomatoes to luscious berries, the UK summer treats list just makes you want to eat raw and vegan. Crazy in love with all these foods our team could not resist but share with you our guide to seasonal eating during July and August.

July seasonal treats

July is the month of all sorts of our favorite berries. British gardens are filled this time with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and cherries. The Jar Healthy Vending machines are stocked with plenty of nutritious berry drinks which can be your perfect hot weather refresher. Our team’s top picks are PRESS London Berry Smoothie for breakfast and PRESS London Strawberry Water for a fancy afternoon drink. In case you also want to get even more “berried” we have blueberry chia and cherry almond porridge at the touch of a button in all of our machines.

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Talking veggies, July is the best month to find cabbage family representatives as well as greens, beans, and flowering plants. This means getting aubergines, courgettes, fennel, peas, rocket, carrots, and peppers just off the vine. Thus, don’t forget to try one of our soups “Courgetti Pot” by Pollen and Grace which, surely, will become your next favorite lunch option.

August seasonal treats

In the last summer month we keep most of the berries from July but add some new fruits to the seasonal list. We will finally see blackberries in its’ best shape together with some of our CEO’s beloved apricots. Nectarines, though, will only start ripping with more flavor being added to them in rather the end of the month. And, of course, not forgetting about the melon, melon that we’ve been waiting for the whole winter and spring to become so flavorful.

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

As for the vegetables, the season continues with all the previous month plants, so you can still keep your “Courgetti Pot” close. However, we will see a few newcomers during August such as beetroot, artichokes, sweetcorn, and cucumbers. We have already selected some top seasonal healthy dishes for you to enjoy from our vending machines in London. Make sure you try our PRESS London Clean Beet Juice if you name yourself a fan of beetroot or take a bottle of PRESS Greens Super Smoothie if you are more into cucumbers kinda person.

Do not forget that food is not only about the taste but also about the vitamins and nutrition value. To get the most of what you eat try to make it seasonal for the rest of this summer. Keep safe and healthy!

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