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The convenience of healthy vending machines with The Jar Healthy Vending

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

The food we choose to eat is very important to our overall health. Vending machines provide convenience in times of need, however they are conventionally loaded with unhealthy snacks that are bad for our body. If you have a vending machine at your venue or your school or office, then it is important that you consider replacing it and hire healthy vending machine UK.

Here at The Jar Healthy Vending we provide healthy vending machines for hire which offer delicious, nutritious, wholesome snacks as well as meal options, fruit juices and milk drinks. These products replace high sugar, high fat and high sodium snacks which may be tasty, but over time have significant detrimental effects including poor oral health, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other related issues.

Speak to us at The Jar Healthy Vending today and find out about the three varieties of our hire healthy vending machines UK. They are easy to instal and all you need is a plug point and a square metre of space in your office or venue.

If you decide to hire healthy vending machine UK, we offer a 24-hour helpline with a designated member of staff who will be available for all your needs. Our vending machines are fully maintained remotely using our specialised system, so we can maintain your stock levels, use stock rotation and ensure replenishment enabling you to focus on your daily activities without having to worry about your vending machine.

The three varieties of our healthy vending machines

Firstly we have the MK1 which is our original healthy vending machine, which displays the food products and includes the high-definition touch screen on the side. It is lit up and looks sleek and modern and will brighten up whichever space it is placed in. Our machines have a large capacity so you are able to provide a wide variety of options for snacks and drinks, but also include meal options at the same time. You may wish to pick which food products you like to offer or we can put together a wide variety of delicious treats for you.

The MK2 healthy vending machine is a more compact version of our original MK1, but it also has a large capacity and can hold up to 640 items. However these are not on display , but instead it comes with an ultra high resolution 42-inch touch screen which displays and actively markets the products that you have to offer. hire healthy vending machines UK.

Our MK3 healthy vending machine is a combination of our original MK1 and the Mk2 vending machines. With a large capacity it is compact in design and dimension and both displays a small selection of the products that you have to offer and includes the touch screen display as well. It is highly attractive and comes in a variety of colours to help match your space. Not only are hire healthy vending machines UKconvenient for yourself, but they have been designed with convenience and ease in mind for an excellent user experience for the consumer too, to provide delicious, nutritious food on the go. Speak to us at The Jar Healthy Vending today and find out more about healthy vending.

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