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Quarantine Routine With The Jar Healthy Vending

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

As much as we all want to enjoy the long anticipated warm spring days on summer terraces, busy streets and parks, the worldwide quarantine offers a different agenda - self-isolation and social distancing. Which could be a blessing or a curse, of course.

We at The Jar Healthy Vending aim at improving your well-being and as positive thinkers, suggest using the opportunity of forced confinement to your best advantage.

Our team has prepared healthy social distancing bingo and a quarantine routine to spend days of self-isolation with maximum benefits for your health, immune system and mood. Let this become a blessing for your summer body!

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

So, how do we give this upcoming weekend in this outing feel?

Physical activity

With many sports centres and gyms being temporary closed, staying physically active at home can be somewhat of a challenge. This precious comfort place where TV shows and lazy evenings have always been the top priority now has to become a multi-purpose destination. No surprise it may be difficult to change things around and start working out in the unusual setting. However, it is still important to do your cardio!

WHO recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week. These recommendations can still be achieved even at home, with no special equipment and with limited space. Take a look at our short guide to keeping yourself fit practically effortlessly!

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

To get the maximum benefit from your home workouts, make sure you consume enough liquids. The Jar Healthy Vending offers a whole range of nourishing drinks from mint-infused No.1 Botanicals water to DRGN Turmeric Energy Superdrink, which will make your physical activity give energising results. To mix business with pleasure further, try our new MEDA Defence, which will not only hydrate but also balance your immune system!

Meal planning

Bingeing during the coronavirus crisis isn’t just about Netflix, stress-eating can become a problem too. But if you are conscious about your health, there won't be any more excuses to diversify and fix up your diet. With plenty of time at home, we can finally take good care of our daily menus. The Jar Healthy Vending suggests very simple steps, which will help you stay in shape during the times of lockdown.

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Today, it is absolutely important to pay extra attention to immune-boosting foods and superfoods. Our team has already stocked up on PRESS Turmeric Lemon Supershots and Pure Earth Hot Shots to turbocharge ourselves with Vitamin C. If you are up for some kitchen experiments, try our new addition to The Jar family - Hemp Pesto. This dairy and nut free pesto creates another healthier alternative to your ordinary pasta or poultry dish.

Self development

The biggest challenge for some of us is this little recreational opportunity! Museums, cinemas, theatres and restaurants are closing down in quick succession day by day, leaving us all to ourselves. The Jar Healthy Vending believes that this time can be used with maximum benefits to our long-postponed to-do lists. You can start reading a new book on healthy nutrition or psychology, join an online course or refresh your hobby skills. A lot of museums and theatres opened free online access to their exhibitions and archives, while movie-streaming services offer free 14-day subscription to their movie collections. To us it sounds like a perfect retreat and time to self-reflect...Just make sure to always wash and sanitise your hands!

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Stay healthy and safe with The Jar Healthy Vending!

P.S. If you do not want to worry about gaining weight while self-isolating, use this formula to calculate your daily calorie intake norm for an optimal diet.

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

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