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Promote healthy eating with fully managed vending machines

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Traditional vending machines are convenient, inexpensive and hold a large variety of sugary snacks and fizzy drinks that look attractive in bright packaging. They often taste really good and satisfy hunger pangs easily without having to search for proper food. However, the snacks and drinks contained in the vending machines are low in nutritional value yet highly calorific. On a daily basis, consuming such snacks and drinks leads to weight gain and has a detrimental impact on your health.

Sugary snacks and fizzy drinks are responsible for obesity as well as a range of other illnesses including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. A poor diet is detrimental to your dental health, for your mental wellbeing and affects the body’s robustness. These snacks and drinks prevent you from maintaining a balanced diet and, therefore, it is better to avoid such snacks and drinks or enjoy them in moderation.

If you have a traditional vending machine in your school, office, work space, venue or other public place then it is time that you think seriously about replacing your vending machine with our healthy fully managed vending machines London. Here at The Jar - Healthy Vending we are giving you a chance to promote good health and wellbeing amongst your community. By replacing your traditional vending machine with one of our healthy fully managed vending machines London you will give people the opportunity to make better dietary choices when they are stuck for time or convenience or they are just searching for a yummy snack to fill their tummy.

An excellent alternative to traditional vending

Our fully managed vending machines London come in three different varieties and they are free for you and your venue. What we require from you is a metre square of space and a plug point and we will take care of delivering, installing and maintaining your healthy vending machine on your behalf. Our machines are modern and we can monitor them remotely so we can ensure that they are functioning correctly at all times. We can also monitor stock levels online, and replenish stock levels as necessary. Our fully managed vending machines London are attractive to look at and are filled with nutritious and delicious snacks and meal options which help promote a healthy and well balanced diet. Our machines are refrigerated so you can stock fresh food including fruits and vegetables, milk drinks and other fresh items which make nutritious and yummy treats as an excellent alternative to a chocolate bar or a fizzy drink.

With our vending machines you can choose which food and drink you stock or we can put together an individually tailored stocklist for you. We will also find out which products are selling well and which are not receiving much attention and stock the machine accordingly. Our vending machines tell the customers the nutritional information of all the products, including any allergy advice when necessary. People are aware of what they are eating and will be encouraged to continue to make healthy dietary choices throughout the day. Speak to us at The Jar - Healthy Vending and find out more about fully managed machines for your space.

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