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Picnic Getaway With The Jar - Healthy Vending

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet - the long-awaited summer is about to paint the town any minute from now. If only that was a weather forecast for today! Unfortunately, it is more about the never-ending rain. But we do not lose our hopes and believe London will be kind to us in these first days of the happy season.

In the meantime, we suggest to indulge in sweet thoughts about the sunshine and prepare in the best way possible - plan your office getaway in the park, with some delicious treats from The Jar - Healthy Vending. After all, what can be better than an invigorating picnic in the fresh summer air after an eternity of gloomy days?

Our team prepared a selection of beautiful locations, which are pretty central to the busy life but secluded enough to leave all the work behind and let yourself be for a moment. Whether it is a short lunch break or relaxed hours after work, The Jar - Healthy Vending will be an irreplaceable companion to provide you with the healthy boosters on-the-go.

So, here are a few suggestions for the picnic essentials to eat out for two (just invite that colleague you like!):

- 2 of “Turm Me On” Squirrel cold-pressed juices – no wordplay implied here! Carrots, as the main ingredient in this energy booster, will provide the best nutrients for healthy sunbathing.

- 2 of Revolicious smoothie bowls - more fruits, more goodness.

- 1 pack each of Native and Ember Snacks - for the savoury kick.

- 1 portion of Raw and Wild nuts – in case you would like to share your lunch with the most loyal London park's residents - squirrels.

Seems like a lovely picnic set to us. Nutritious, tasty and convenient to bring along to any destination whether close or far.

1. Primrose Hill:

Walk 8 min from Chalk Farm station.

An ideal scenic place to run into the sunset after another Monday office routine. Sit on the top of the hill watching the sun go down and letting the sorrows away. And as the night comes it will become less and less crowded for even more tranquillity.

2. Hanover Square:

5 min away from Oxford Street station

This one is rather a personal pick. When you hear something being close to Oxford Circus you subconsciously think of rush and noise. And this is exactly why this place is so perfect. It is definitely not a popular destination for leisure - time activities. But if you have some work to do in the area it’s the small green gem in-between the stone walls.

3. Kew Gardens:

2 min away from Kew Gardens station

Spoiler of a real hideaway. Wish there was something similar close to the centre but this place is definitely worth the visit. Right outside the station, you will find yourself surrounded by the whimsical gardens with no end. Gorgeous orangeries, as well as a treetop walk, will keep you strolling for hours. So be prepared to leave the office earlier if you want to come here for a picnic after work. What a great excuse, isn’t it?

We couldn't include all the breath-taking places in London in this list. But we tried to be personal and really share what we enjoy the most.

Enjoy your summer office breaks with The Jar - Healthy Vending!

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