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No more excuses, hire healthy vending machine UK

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Up until very recently, vending machine snacks were regarded as unhealthy, being sugar and salt laden, but they were quick and easy to source. We have researched and spent countless hours trying to find an alternative to them and we believe that we have done it. Hire healthy vending machine UK and place the machine in your school, gym or office, in fact anywhere that you have a power source, to provide healthy options 24/7. There are no charges to have one of our machines on your premises and you will be providing healthy, quick, easy meals and snacks. There is now no excuse for not eating healthily!

We take care of everything

We will instal the machine, keep it stocked, maintain it and ensure that the menu of items available is appropriate for the customers at your location. Hire healthy vending machine UK from us and our systems will monitor your machine around the clock, so we know which stocks require replenishment and if the machine is operating correctly. You can rest assured that our maintenance team will be deployed the moment that we identify a problem. Our machines will accept various payment methods making it very easy to buy a healthy snack.

Machines to suit all venues

Three different models of our hire healthy vending machine UK are available and after assessing your location and requirements we will recommend which model best suits your premises. All our machines are temperature controlled to maintain the freshness of our products. Product selection is made using a touch screen, reducing the chances of selection errors. We stock our machines with biodegradable wood based cutlery to ensure minimum use of plastic. Payment can be through a variety of methods, contactless, code pay, Apple pay, Google pay and WeChat QR code pay.

Examples of the variety of healthy products available

We cater for all the different times that people want to eat, from the snacker to the regulated person who only eats at designated times. Our breakfast options include some amazing porridge variations from oaty quinoa to apple and cinnamon. Muesli also comes in a range of flavours such as apple and raspberry or fruit and nut.

Those in-between meal snackers will not be disappointed with the vast variety of snacks that they will be able to buy. We have vegetable crisps such as mixed root vegetables, green beans and a variety of sweet potato flavours. Snackers can also explore our popped seed range or our mango bites. If it's a bar with a little chocolate you want, we have peanut butter and dark chocolate or dark chocolate and raisins.

Our lunch selection will satisfy any appetite and our variety of healthy soup options are a delight, such as our creamy roast tomato or barley miso to mention but a few. If you want more than soup we have grilled portobello mushrooms with black rice, kale and tumeric or a taste bud tingling beetroot quinoa with tahini and many more. There is a wide variety of desserts and drinks to choose from which will ensure that your customers' needs are satisfied.

Becoming more health conscious

This is the perfect opportunity to provide an alternative to unhealthy snacks from vending machines. More and more people are looking for alternatives to their daily snacks and everyday foods to try and stay healthy and protect the environment. We provide you with the opportunity to take the lead by hiring one of our machines for your premises.

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