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Need to buy a healthy vending machine? A guide to the Jar's smart fridge

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

When you think of a vending machine, you probably envision candy bars and fizzy drinks.

At the Jar, we set about to change that; not just to get people to focus more in the workplace, but to also improve the health and wellbeing of the general population.

Our vending machines do more than just offer healthier foods, they also provide a more personalised experience when it comes to snacking.

At the Jar, we are proud to be able to offer our clients a choice of 4 different machines; 3 different and stylish types of traditional vending machine and of course, our ever-popular Smart Fridge. When you buy healthy vending machine UK from us, we can help you choose the most suitable option for your workplace while also keeping costs to you and your business at an all-time low. What's not to like about that?

So, should you buy healthy vending machine UK? Here are some top benefits of our infamous Smart Fridge at the Jar.

Facial recognition

When you buy healthy vending machine UK from us, in this instance our Smart Fridge, you may be surprised to learn that it offers facial recognition.

This allows our team and your team to detect who used the fridge and when, meaning that if anything untoward happens, we will have the images needed to take things further legally.

We can also keep an eye on who is buying what and if applicable, offer vouchers and coupons to them with ease. Talk about personalised vending!

Vouchers and coupons

Another advantage of our fridge is that it offers your staff vouchers and coupons.

This is a great way to personalise their shopping and eating experience in the workplace, keeping them on-site during work hours while also offering a healthy snack for them to eat.

Loyalty schemes and customer rewards

Who doesn’t like loyalty schemes and customer rewards?

Also, our fridge’s facial recognition software allows our team to monitor which members of your staff buy what and how frequently.

This can help to better tailor the shopping experience for them and allows us to offer them rewards and loyalty points.


In the last year, we have all realised how important it is to keep money out of each other's hands if possible.

And our Smart Fridge is able to accept contactless payment when your staff buy snacks; whether it is Apple Pay or just the contactless function of their bank card, we are dedicated to keeping our machines contactless and as hygienic as possible. Great stuff!


Depending on which smart fridge you buy from us, it may be able to offer up to 512 items (with the 6 shelved model).

This means fewer refills, lowered CO2 emissions, lowered amounts of food waste and of course, it means that your staff will have a wider variety of foods to choose from.

If you aren’t sure which machine is the most united to your workspace or to serve your staff's needs, contact our team for advice.

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