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Meet The Jar Healthy Vending Team!

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Now, since you know our story, it’s time to meet the team! The Jar Healthy Vending is very transparent with any kind of business that’s going on in and out, which is why you can also find the smiling faces of our amazing bosses on the main page and see yourself who caters your daily healthy menu. But behind the scenes, there are a few more people who are trying their best to help you be healthier and better every day. So here we are, meet the team of friends who are in love with The Jar!


The CEO, snack executive and the mastermind behind the whole idea. He might be the best boss and friend one can ever have. Whatever he does, Iurii does with sincere passion and love – from carefully selecting and tasting the whole product range for new vending locations to brainstorming about new exciting business ventures over dinner. This is exactly why our new CEO baseball cap has “Passion Fruit” written on it.

Where to find? Iurii is known to be quite the romantic. On a bright sunny day, he's likely to be piloting at the West London Aero Club, so if this happens to be your whereabouts, make sure to wave hello to the Piper airplane that flies by. Otherwise, look for Iurii in his office, at a local health foods shop (he'll probably be on the daily lookout for new brands for The Jar) or at a contemporary art gallery event, supporting his creative friends.

His healthy tip: Men sana in corpore sano

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK


Chief financial officer. All management, especially when it comes to dates (if you know what we mean), is his priority. He knows all the ways to make the administrative processes easy and smooth. Girls love it. Alcohol-free since 2016.

Where to find? One of the most insidious and subtle. No one ever knows where Mat is, but he appears in the right moments, just when you need him the most.

His healthy tip: treat yourself to an unexpected holiday, to recharge and restore the mental balance. Just don’t tell anyone, not even your boss.


Trend-setter, was dressing homeless before it became known as a “street style fashion”. Went through many ups and downs with our boss, was coming to the rescue at the times most turbulent.

Where to find? If we are talking after-hours - look for her in fancy Italian restaurants. She’ll be ranking lobster pasta.

Her healthy tip: morning affirmations as absolute essentials. To set the right mood for the day, get a glass of warm water, think about how beautiful your life is and what you would like the day ahead to bring you. Make those healthy sips and go get it!

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK


The most loyal author, writing articles about The Jar since 2016. Loves healthy food, but is gluten-addicted. Always ready for fun and supports any crazy decisions our bosses make. Sometimes regrets, but most of the time happy to be a part of such an amazing team.

Where to find? Somewhere in tropical forests of Asia or in a local bakery.

Her healthy tip: for those who like it hot - banya. Despite all traditional preconceptions, it’s the real natural drug, happy hormones booster and the perfect spa treatment. Your healthy habit for body and soul, as they like to say.

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK


To be continued..

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