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Healthy Vending vs. Food Delivery

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Today while the art of living well and eating healthy is gaining in prominence, workplace nutrition becomes an even bigger challenge. In the environment of time-starved lunch breaks and accelerated speed of workload, we are looking not only for convenience but most importantly quality that can complement our busy lifestyle in every daily action.

Considering the increased awareness and urge to improve performance and wellbeing in the workplace, there are still strikingly few efficient options for offices that can provide balanced meals without sacrificing the time and quality factor.

The latest trend of food delivery comes to mind as one of the refined versions of healthier nutrition solutions. Certainly, it is a decent option, but can it really be the only way to maintain the fair standard of eating habits during office hours?

The Jar Healthy Vending aims to prove, that with the potential of vending convenience and innovation, office-based healthy vending machines can be the better unconventional solution to support a healthy lifestyle and provide nutritious meals to you and your team at no time.

Put simply, we believe healthy vending can be the new better alternative to food delivery, and this is why.

Healthy Vending in London, UK.

Convenience and time - two deciding factors.

For long vending has existed in the category of the second-rate fast-food. Such a shame, considering its status of a convenience epitome. Today The Jar Healthy Vending fights stereotypes and leads the way to set an example of how healthy lifestyle can be supported by simple and fast actions.

With food delivery the waiting game takes longer than expected and charges grow slightly over the top, while with Healthy Vending you are guaranteed to receive a restaurant-quality meal loaded with nutrients in a few seconds at a competitive price with just a single tap on the card reader.

No strings attached.

Unlike food delivery services, there is no binding agreement with The Jar Healthy Vending. Our product range is versatile and is available at any time of the day. Whether you have an unexpected after-hours task or some off-site arrangements, The Jar Healthy Vending choices of natural, energising and nourishing drinks, snacks or meals are always available just when you want or need them.

An innovative approach to understanding customer's needs and tastes.

One obvious advantage of food delivery is the variety of dishes. Since we strive to keep pace with customer's needs and tastes, the real-time online monitoring of The Jar Healthy Vending machines allows us to adjust the product range according to spikes in demand. And with daily menu changes, there is always something new to satisfy your taste.

Carefully customised menu to comply with high standards of healthy nutrition.

The Jar Healthy Vending works side by side with local businesses and takes careful watch after sugar and salt ratio, calorie count and availability of lactose and gluten free options.

The food is kept at fridge temperatures, so you will receive only the freshest daily delivered treats. And for those who carefully look after their diets, The Jar Healthy Vending provides calorie count on the touch-screen display to make dieting easier.

An eco-friendly option.

Today a healthy lifestyle is not only limited to nutrition and sport. There is a need to pursue sustainable options in all ways. Our team has developed a conscious attitude towards global issues such as food waste and pollution, and this is why our Healthy Vending is made as eco-friendly as possible.

Not only the unconsumed produce is donated to charities, but the stocks for our healthy vending are delivered only once, unlike other office delivery services. Less pollution - healthier environment. As a bonus, The Jar - Healthy Vending machines also consume less energy and provide safer storage.

Keep your expenses closely monitored.

Healthy vending is an automatised food delivery, so there is no chance to get into any unplanned overpayment. Our Healthy Vending is managed by the company at no preliminary or running costs to the venue and also offers cheaper options without compromising on quality and taste. The prices are fixed and what can be better for those who keep their expenses closely monitored.

Quite a potential for half a square meter of floor space and an electrical socket. How's that for a perfect workplace nutrition solution?

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