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Healthy Vending in London - The Roots of the Industry, and the Future of Vending

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

If you take a look at the history of vending, it’s only fitting that it’s a London based company, The Jar - Healthy Vending in London, that are revolutionising the industry.

The History of vending machines in London

The first coin-operated vending machines on record were introduced in London in the early 1880’s, courtesy of the great inventor Percival Everitt. Back then the primary use of Mr Everitt’s machines were to dispense postcards, envelopes and notepaper throughout railway stations and post offices.

Modern vending machines

That’s a far cry from the modern association with the term ‘Vending Machine’. The first things that would spring to mind would be ‘sweets’, ‘crisps’ ‘chocolate’ or ‘cola’, all forms of sustenance that, if consumed infrequently and in moderation, can be an innocent guilty pleasure.

However, the problem is that people have come to rely on fast and easy access to food to keep themselves going during their increasingly busy schedules, which leads to excessive consumption of food with high sugar content and poor nutritional value. This is a contributing factor to the rise in both child and adult obesity in the UK.

Evolution of vending machines

This is an issue that The Jar - Healthy Vending are looking to help tackle with their line of healthy vending machines in London. They aren’t looking to re-make the wheel - they are just looking to re-stock their machines on a daily basis with fresh, nutritious and affordable meals and snacks.

Not only is there an emphasis on nutrition, there is also a wide variety of different types of cuisine available, to encourage people to try something new and to turn quick meals on the go from perfunctory to pleasurable experiences.

Why The Jar is different to other vending machine suppliers

The Vending industry, at least in terms of it’s food on offer, seemed to have plateaued for decades, but now The Jar Healthy Vending are planning on revamping and revolutionising the industry, as well challenging our perceptions on what is possible in the world of vending.

The future of health focused vending machines

I am sure Mr Everitt is happy that there is a new company in town who are using a reincarnation of his invention to increase people’s access to healthy food, as opposed to tempting them with junk. It’s easy to bung a load of chocolate bars, crisps and other goods of a similar ilk, with long shelf lives but low nutritional value into a load of dispensing machinery, but The Jar Healthy Vending stand out from their competitors by ensuring only the freshest food is on offer in their machines.

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