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Healthy Vending in London Revolution

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Healthy Vending in London

“I'll just grab something from a vending machine” is an expression someone would typically use when time limitations resign them to a quick, unimaginative source of sustenance. A bag of crisps, a can of pop, a chocolate bar or something of a similar ilk, nothing that you would class as a particularly appealing source of food.

The Jar – Healthy Vending London have identified this issue and changed the game forever, with a new modern vending solutions experience with benefits across the board.

They have created a bridge between suppliers and producers of fresh food, and the end users - busy people on the go - through their innovative vending machines that provided healthy vending in London on the go.

The concept is simple but fantastically effective. The Jar liaise with local café owners and restaurateurs and stock their machines daily with chilled, healthy and fresh produce. Expansive meals options are available, anything that you can fit in The Jar, could feasibly be available from the machine – be it a protein packed salad, a fresh fruit smoothie or a delicious organic soup. There are options for all, busy schedules aren't exclusive to those with any particular dietary requirements or culinary preferences, so The Jar make sure there is a diverse range of options to cater for all tastes.

With easy to use modern touch screen display panels offering an enticing selection of options, with clearly defined prices and detailed break downs of the nutritional value available in each jar, for the conscientious snacker to keep a track of what they are ingesting.

Their whole approach is environmentally friendly, with each meal presented in sustainable, recyclable packaging and eco-friendly cutlery, in addition to all food close to it's expiry date being donated or recycled, never thrown away and wasted.

Thanks to The Jar – Healthy Vending innovation, you no longer have to endure limited or sub standard meals whilst on the go, nor do local producers of fresh food have to be limited to clients within their direct vicinity for custom. A freshly prepared, sit-down worthy nutritional treat is now available on the go. Keep an eye out for their vending machines across London and let them change your view on vending machines forever.

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