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Fad Dieting Season - Is It Worth It?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Healthy Office Vending Machines In London

‘Tis the season of fad diets, tra la la la la, la la la la.

When the indulgence of December reaches it’s apex on New Years Eve with one final blow out to see in the New Year, January 1st sees a lot of festively plump hungover people swearing to themselves that they will reinvent and better themselves this year.

Healthy Office Vending Machines In London Helping You Maintain A Healthy Diet

The first step in this endeavour is usually to get in better shape. Gym memberships sky-rocket and people jump on the latest fad diets in order to kick start their new regime and shed their winter weight as quickly as possible.

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines - Catering For All Dietary Requirements

Often referred to as ‘crash diets’, the majority of them are designed to help you lose weight in the short term and come with some unwanted side effects, and fail to help you keep weight off in the long term. ‘Yoyo dieting’, where you adopt a fad diet for a while before reverting back to your normal eating habits where you inevitably put weight back on before then embarking on another diet again, can be very harmful in the long term.

In addition to the adverse health risks of fad diets, lets face it, they are not enjoyable and uncomfortable. For the loss of a few pounds in short term, is it worth the possible health implications in the longer term?

Consistency Is Key - Balanced Meals On The Go With The Jar Healthy Vending London

Although you won’t see changes as quick, maintaining a healthy balanced diet, and removing food with a high sugar content and saturated fat, in conjunction with healthy exercise, is the best way to achieve sustainable health.

The Jar Healthy Vending - Making It Easier To Grab Tasty Healthy Meal Options On The Go

Providing people with healthy meal options on the go, to make for sustainable, delicious and healthy diets is the objective of The Jar Healthy vending, and you can find their revolutionary machines dotted around London.

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