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Boost Your Workout With The Jar Healthy Vending

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

How about summer workout? Any volunteers?;) Well, as London weather never really gives much of summer vibes there is no excuse for missing that morning yoga class or postponing that Sunday boxing routine. At The Jar Healthy Vending we are not perfect as well and from time to time we do a bit of cheating here and there. Nonetheless, when we do it, we do it our way! By our way we mean supporting our body not only physically and mentally but also nutritionally. 

And since we opened you our naughty secret about dropping a few Hot Yoga sessions last month, we should also share with you our ideas on the perfect nutrition - routine match for the best workout results. From yoga and Pilates to high intensity and weights training let it all on us! 

Let’s start from the basics or rather the basis of wellbeing concentrated in four letters of Yoga. As we all know right yoga practices can benefit our body and mind in many ways. However, to get the maximum value out of it, it’s highly important to maintain a healthy diet which will support you in your asanas. Start from putting down the coffee and drinking that glass of warm water with lemon to kick start your digestive process. Take a high in fiber porridge instead of grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast. Continue throughout the day with lentils, quinoa, and nut-based butters to keep you strong. The Jar Healthy Vending will take care of your snack time with the Organic Chocolate by Seed and Bean as well some antioxidant berry smoothies by Press London. And don’t forget about conscious eating, apply your yoga trained present focus to eating habits and only eat what your body really craves for. Namaste. 

Healthy Vending in London, UK.

If your thing is cardio and yoga is way too smooth, we have specially prepared some tips for fast and furious like you. As for the car as for the human to run we need fuel. That is exactly why your need in pre-workout meal is fundamental. A meal that is high in carbs, moderate in protein and low in fats. Talking common language we call it nut milk smoothie with bananas as high carbs and some blackberries for low fats. Take it 60 or 90 minutes before the start to feel energised but not heavy at the same time. Get those pedals spinning and as you finish don’t forget about recovery snack. Not big but rather a small portion of protein and carbs to give your muscles more power after exhaustion. Our favorite for that is Bounce Energy Balls, many flavors and even more benefits. These are just two small rules for big rewards from your cardio training. Now you know why Barry’s have those shakes before and after;)

Looking for something heavy after work? Talking about heavy weights, not burgers, of course. If we are talking about building your muscles stronger and bigger just carbs will not be enough. In your case, carb and protein are equally important before the training. Before you hit the floor with your new gloves for weights, please, get a proper balanced meal with both protein and carbs to give you the power to lift throughout your routine. Keep yourself hydrated and take some sweeter drink like Squirrel juices as well if you know your session will be longer than usual. Sweeter not because we at The Jar love sweeties but rather for the carbs to maintain your muscles.  After working with the barbell and machines take some protein for muscle recovery. Finish it with Rejuvenation Water which is also high in amino acids and, thus, supporting the recovery phase. 

As the final word, keep moving, training and growing but don’t forget that about 70% of your fitness success is not what you do but what you eat. Hope, our tips were helpful and now you understood why you need quinoa and almond milk in your life.

Enjoy your weekend and don’t postpone your weekend gym!

By Sofia Bronnikova

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