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Advantages of healthy eating with fully managed vending London

Traditional vending machines can be found all over the country. Vending machines can save you time when you are in a hurry and unable to sit down for lunch or dinner. It helps you fill your stomach quickly and easily when you are hungry. A lot of people enjoy eating junk food because although it is high in calories, it can be quite tasty, and it is often cheap, making it a great choice for a meal substitute. The food found in traditional vending machines is also filled with additives, sugar and salt, which means they are delicious to eat; they are packaged in bright colours, attracting customers when hunger strikes.

Unfortunately, the food and drinks found in traditional vending machines are harmful to our bodies; even though they are tasty, they can have adverse effects. Consuming chocolates, crisps and fizzy drinks regularly can result in unwanted weight gain, obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, headaches and a general sluggish feeling throughout your body. If you have a traditional vending machine in your school or office, you need to contact us at The Jar - Healthy Eating and find out about healthy fully managed vending London.

Healthy vending as an alternative

Healthy, fully managed vending London is an excellent alternative to traditional vending machines London. Healthy, fully managed vending London replaces traditional chocolate bars, crisps and drinks with highly nutritious yet delicious fresh fruit and vegetables, snacks, drinks and meal options. You need to visit our website and find out about the different fully managed vending machines that are available for you and choose one that is suitable for your space.

Fully managed vending machines

Fully managed vending machines from The Jar - Healthy Eating come at no cost to you. As the name suggests, we are in charge of managing the vending machine on your behalf. We will deliver and install the vending machine at a time and place of your choice. We will put together a stock list with you or with a selection of our most popular choices of what we feel may be suitable for your target market. Our fully managed vending machines offer a wide range of breakfast options, delicious snacks, healthy drinks, nutritious meals for lunch and dinner and healthy desserts, including fresh fruit.

We manage the vending machines remotely and are made aware of any technical issues that may occur, which we can resolve quickly and effectively online. If not, then we will send a member of staff to have the machine up and running as soon as possible. The vending machines are refrigerated; therefore, food products remain fresh, and the machine is attractive, modern and user-friendly. Our vending machines are also eco-friendly and our packaging is recyclable as we are passionate about sustainability. We try to ensure there is no waste by working with Too Good To Go to sell any excess stock. Any food left over is then donated to local charities. To find out more about our healthy vending machines and how we manage them on your behalf, speak to us at The Jar - Healthy Eating today and let us install a fully managed vending machine for you.

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