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Worried your students aren't getting their 5 a day? How a healthy vending machine can help

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Whether you are a headmaster of an infant school or the dean of a university, you will want to ensure that all of your students are healthy and receiving a high level of nutrition.

Of course, you can provide them with a team of trained canteen staff to ensure they get their daily fruit and vegetables, but this is not always a viable option. As university students work late into the night on campus during examination and deadline hours, it is not feasible to have 24-hour catering staff to provide them with healthy food. So, inevitably, many students will resort to eating from vending machines to get them through that late night study period.

The presence of vending machines is not an uncommon one in secondary school canteens either, so how can you ensure your students are eating wholesome, healthy food to power them through their school day? You can buy a healthy vending machine in the UK!

A new concept, many workplaces, universities and even the NHS are choosing to buy healthy vending machines from the UK, meaning more students and people are benefiting from eating healthy snacks. Cheap to run and requiring no real space, there are a myriad of advantages to having a health-based vending machine in your secondary school or infant school cafeteria.

Here is a list of the top reasons why you should buy a healthy vending machine for your school lunch room.

Healthy Vending machines in London, UK


When you are the head of a school, you will often hear from teachers about how the students are sluggish after lunchtime.

If they have been eating low-quality food, high in sugar and salt, what do you expect? Providing them with easily accessible, healthy alternatives such as water and peanut bars will release energy gradually, allowing them to focus and be more engaged with classroom activities.

Lower-obesity rates

Childhood obesity levels are rising in the UK and, as any parent or teacher will tell you, it is due to the availability of fatty, sugary foods.

Providing children with a healthy alternative will allow them to have more energy and will help them to keep their weight (and health) at an optimum level.

Reduced behavioural problems

It is not an uncommon conclusion to make; children who eat lower quality foods are more likely to have behavioural issues.

Innumerable studies across the globe have found that providing children with a better diet can reduce behavioural issues both inside and out of the classroom, making it a better learning environment for everyone. Not only that, but a healthier diet actively helps with creativity, so it can actually help children to function in the classroom. Perfect!

Happier kids

And, alongside a reduction in behavioural issues, you and your teaching staff will notice that all of the children you are teaching are happier.

Eating high protein, high fibre foods helps maintain healthy gut flora and promotes neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine in the brain. Both of these transmitters are essential for learning, creativity, memory and of course, to elevate mood.

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