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Wondering if healthy vending machines in London are the future?

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Ushering in a new age

At The Jar, we believe that healthy, sustainable and responsibly sourced food should be accessible to everyone. It is our mission to provide anyone and everyone who needs them, with healthy, affordable snack foods - at whatever time of the day they desire.

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Too long have we all collectively suffered from the lack of healthy options in vending machines, and all too often we find ourselves having to put our diets and health on hold for the sake of convenience when seeking a lunchtime snack at our offices, universities or elsewhere. Starting from just the shared ideology of a few student friends, The Jar has grown exponentially and today we offer businesses and institutions a range of simple-to-use, healthy vending machines in London. If you are sick and tired of soggy sandwiches and calorific crisps, then join the health food revolution with us here at The Jar and see first hand the benefits that convenient, affordable health food vending machines can bring.

Opening up The Jar on healthy food options

Since 2015 our team at The Jar have been collectively working towards a healthier future by designing a range of simple to use and easy to instal, alternative healthy vending machines in London. It is our goal to provide anyone who so desires it with a nutritionally balanced and healthy snack in the most convenient way possible. Vending machines are not necessarily designed with the health of the user in mind, but rather their success and popularity mostly hinges on their ability to provide instant service at any and all times of the day. In today's day and age, more people than ever before are paying closer attention to what they eat - especially given the ongoing pandemic measures across the country.

As such, by combining the convenience of instant vending machines with healthy, balanced foods we have changed and challenged the conventions of vending machine technology and opened up students and workers alike to a whole range of new balanced and healthy food options to choose from. Our healthy vending machines in London aim to cater to every palate and diet, and offer everything from gluten and sugar-free foods to kosher and vegan options, so nobody feels that they are missing out on any of the healthy, tasty goodness inside our shiny, sleek machines.

Keeping your stomach happy

At The Jar we understand that a full stomach is essential to a happy and contented life. As such, we make it our duty to ensure that all of our machines are constantly stocked with healthy beverages, snacks and fresh lunches so that you never go without a delicious, health-boosting meal. By forming strong and lasting personal relationships with local suppliers and health food cafes we can make sure that our machines are always stocked to the brim with a wide range of healthy options to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. Another positive about our vending machines which sets them apart from others is that we care greatly about the environment and are ever conscious of our carbon footprint. As such, where possible all our packaging and cutlery within our lunch sets is made from biodegradable, recycled or responsibly sourced materials. If your business is wanting to offer a different sort of healthy lunch which makes a positive difference to you and the world you live in, then speak to one of our down-to-earth team members here at The Jar and join the healthy vending machine revolution.

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