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We are passionate about our healthy vending machines in London

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Our healthy vending machines in London provide people with a vast range of healthy, nutritional products to enjoy whilst they are at work, the gym or on the go. At The Jar Healthy Vending we believe that finding the time to eat healthily should always be possible, even if you have a really busy lifestyle. Our products include vegan friendly, gluten free and other free from products, meaning that there is something for everyone to enjoy. As long as you have one square metre of space free in your premises then you will be able to install one of our machines easily, with no costs to you whatsoever. We provide our machine free of charge, maintaining it and servicing it for free, too. All you need to do is plug it in and then enjoy the vast range of snacks and meals that are available. If you wish to find out more information then you can contact us through our website or over the phone and ask any questions that you may have.

Choose the machine to suit your business

We have different healthy vending machines in London that are available to your business so you are able to choose the one that you feel would benefit your customers the most. All of our machines are simple to install, you just need to plug it into a mains socket and you’re ready to go. Your machine will take a little time to get to the required temperature, but once it has done so we will be notified and come out immediately to stock up your machine with a variety of tasty snacks, drinks and meals. Machines can be controlled on a timer to increase energy efficiency and one of the machines we offer can be ordered in any colour so you can match it to your theme. You may decide to opt for the one that offers a cutlery tray, or if you have a health orientated business you may opt for the Mk 3, so your customers can be informed about nutritional information when they are choosing their snacks. We have wheelchair accessible machines, machines that can accept contactless payments and machines that make use of fast vending.

Remotely controlled for your convenience

Nobody who is running a successful busy business wants to be at the beck and call of an engineer that needs twenty-four hour access to their machines in your premises. At The Jar, our employees are able to monitor your healthy vending machines in London remotely for twenty-four hours of the day, ensuring that they are at the correct temperature, prices are correct and that stock levels do not need replenishing amongst other things without even needing to see you once. We know when to come out and restock your machine, and through our software we are able to analyse peoples’ preferences, ensuring the combination of products we provide is matched to your customers’ demands. We can monitor unsold products and when they go out of date to ensure that we can collect them on time, and any products that are not sold get donated to food charities.

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