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Top Reasons Why You Should Buy a Healthy Vending Machine UK

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Buy Healthy Vending Machine UK

There’s no denying that as a nation we have become more health-conscious which can only be a good thing. It’s also an unquestionable fact that the humble vending machine still presents a quick and convenient way to pick up a drink or snack when hunger strikes.

Did you know that there are currently around 462,700 vending machines in the UK alone serving approximately 6 billion individual items! That’s quite some statistic. Sadly, many of these “average joe” vending machines are stocked with basic carbs at best and over-processed sugary foods of no nutritional value whatsoever as standard!

Isn’t it about time the snacking and vending industry was revolutionised, turned well and truly on its head and took up the mantle of making healthy snacking a reality for everyone?

Well, we certainly think so here at the Jar Healthy Vending and turns out many of you do too. Healthy vending machines are a trend that looks set to continue and we’re sure you’ll agree, that has to be a good thing for the health of our nation and the productivity of our workforce.

The corporate wellness industry is worth £471 million in the UK and finally, conscientious employees are starting to appreciate that they have a big part to play in managing the mental and physical well being of employees within their organisations. An increase in productivity combined with a decrease in absenteeism are just two of the favourable benefits that can be positively attributed to healthy snacking.

Can your business afford its own full well-being programme?

Depending upon the size of your organisation, maybe that’s a reality, or maybe it’s not. Introducing regular counselling, a free gym membership for everyone, weekly massage therapy and mindful meditation sessions is likely to require a significant amount of annual budget. It’s a huge commitment and can also take time to implement and execute.

That’s one of the reasons why you should buy healthy vending machine. Encouraging and helping your employees make the switch towards eating healthy snack choices is as simple as investing in one of our new breed vending machines. Of course, you can take the horse to water but you still can’t make it drink!

The Jar healthy vending machines are stocked with a continually changing selection of exciting and nutritious snacks and meals that will turn your office lunch and that mid-afternoon munch into a tantalising, tasty and brain tingling life-saver. How’s that for providing the perfect workplace nutrition solution?

Requiring minimal floor space and little more than an electrical socket, we can think of a myriad of reasons why you should buy one of our healthy vending machine solutions.

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