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The need for healthy vending machines

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Most of the snacks in vending machines around the country have either a high sugar content or a high sodium content. They mostly consist of chocolates, crisps and fizzy drinks. The high sugar and carbohydrate content of these foods leave you feeling hungry again very soon. Similarly, the savoury snacks, which have a high sodium content, such as crisps and peanuts, will leave you thirsty and encourage you to grab a fizzy drink to go with them.

These snacks pose a wide variety of health issues. This includes heartburn, indigestion issues, weight gain and obesity, dental problems and even cardiovascular disease. The government promotes healthy eating to help tackle obesity around the country, whereas conventional vending machines do the opposite. Here, at The Jar Healthy Vending, we have created healthy vending machines in London to help promote healthy eating at your workplace and other venues. Whether your vending machine caters for your workforce or the general public, by offering healthy, wholesome and delicious snacks using healthy vending machines in London, you will be able to encourage healthy eating and better overall health when people look for a solution to their hunger pangs.

Healthy vending machines by The Jar Healthy Vending

Currently, here at The Jar Healthy Vending, we offer three different types of healthy vending machines in London. The Mk 1 healthy vending machine is our original refrigerated vending machine which has an attractive aluminium outer shell and a well-lit, large glass window to display the products. It is able to hold up to 480 food products; however, it is still compact and, more importantly, easy to work, with the smooth operation being one of our main targets for you and your customers. It has a large 21-inch ultra-high resolution touch screen that shows the customers which food products are available for easy product selection.

healthy vending machines in London, UK

Next is the Mk 2 which is a popular version of the original Mk 1 healthy vending machine. The large 41-inch touchscreen helps advertise the products and enables easy product selection. As well as displaying the products, the screen lists the ingredients and nutritional information of each product, updated prices and any allergy advice where applicable. The touch screen also allows the customer to filter the products according to their dietary needs so, they can make sure that the product they choose, for themselves or their children, is safe and healthy.

And finally, the Mk 3 is a combination of the previous two healthy vending machines and has the best features of both in one machine. It has a large glass window and high-resolution touch screen, and it can hold up to 480 products, being compact in design at the same time. All our healthy vending machines are fully managed and serviced and have a 24-hour dedicated manager who is available to provide customer service at all times. So, speak to us at the Jar Healthy Vending and find out more about healthy vending machines and how you can promote healthy eating at your workplace.

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