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The Jar Trend: Euphorics

A while ago the health industry started to encourage the global switch to no and low alcohol drinks, such as nonalcoholic wine and gin for example.

This has become by no means a great alternative for health conscious nights and evenings out - but we are not going to lie - not as fun.

Latest trend of euphoric beverages stepped on to change the game of healthy outings. Euporics now claim to deliver an altered state of consciousness without adverse side effects.

Wait, what? How and is it even legal?

The Jar Healthy Vending is here to find out and tell you more about it.


Euphoria is a state of elation, calmness and well-being. Euphorics are essentially made deliver this exact state of body and mind with natural ingredients. They are defined as "a new category of nonalcoholic nightlife beverage crafted for conscious connection."


As sketchy as it may sound - euphorics do not contain any illegal ingredients. Everything is transparent and kinda healthy.

The specific effect is achieved by combining the three components which create synergetic pairings - nootropics, adaptogens (read more about it here), and botanicals.


Basically those are plants and herbs which are used for medical and therapeutic purposes. Green tea, acai berry and elderberry are all among those. The Jar Vault is full of botanicals!


We have a whole blog post dedicated just to those mini stress vaccines. Those are non-toxic herbs that help the body adapt to stress and restore normal physiological functioning. Turmeric, basil and ginseng are one of the most accessible and popular ones. And, obviously, The Jar has those to offer too:


These are essentially compounds that help to improve brain function such as focus, memory and mood. In other words nootropics enhance human cognition in a safe way.

Caffeine and L-theanine would be the most popular example. Healthy alternatives you can find at The Jar:

Companies have been blending caffeine and L-theanine for a while now to improve attention and alertness while reducing caffeine's adverse side effects, like anxiety.


While "euphorics" is a relatively new term, the idea of mixing ingredients is not.

As these ingredients become more well-known and commonly used, more brands are combining them to create synergistic blends that provide different physiological and psychological effects.

Euphorics are basically a well-crafted blends of those ingredients which bring various states of mind: from joyful boosts to serene relaxation.

And while we at The Jar Healthy Vending are just exploring this newly emerged trend - our healthy vending machines have been loaded with time proven healthy drinks and snacks which contain proper mixes of well known ingredients and superfoods for a while now.

Speak to us today, we will talk you through the three different varieties of our healthy vending machines, each one is fully maintained by ourselves and they have been designed to ensure that they are easy to operate by the consumer and yourself when necessary.

A healthy happy hour with The Jar!

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