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The Jar Superfoods: Liver Support

Superfood is a popular tag for trendy and at times exotic ingredients in our snacks and smoothies. Something that may even mistakenly give a sugar-loaded protein bar that healthy halo.

But who said that simple ingredients, like potato or a good old apple can't be in the same list together with chia, maca or spirulina? The Jar Healthy Vending team thinks there might be a little injustice going on here. We believe that simple mono foods should have a reasonable attention too.

So let's kick start our new The Jar Superfoods series - where we explore the healing benefits of fruits and vegetables with the super powers. No bias!

Healthy Vending in London, UK

Since our liver is responsible for more than 500 chemical functions in the body, it's one of the most important hard-working organs which should have some extra support once in a while.

So let's look into The Jar vault to explore which ingredients may help with supporting our liver health according to research and Medical Medium.

The most simplest of them all - apple. But did you know that:

  • Apples provide an active living water that hydrates the liver and supports the liver’s ability to hydrate your body

  • Apples starve bacteria, yeast and mold out of the intestinal tract and liver

  • Apples have the potential to dissolve gallstones

So whenever you see an apple at a counter, make sure not to neglect it (especially after a night out). Or simply get one of the apple juices from The Jar.

Healthy Vending in London, UK

Bananas do not have the best reputation in the diet space due to higher calorie count compared to other fruits. However in fact bananas are antibacterial, anti-yeast, antifungal foods. They work very well with the intestinal tract, soothing and healing it.

The fructose in bananas provides a quick fuel for the liver—it’s one of the organ’s favorite food sources.

Healthy Vending in London, UK

Did you know that tomato is classified botanically as a berry?

Tomatoes harness critical phytochemicals, micronutrients, vitamins and minerals that support the liver. The fruit acid in a tomato also helps the gallbladder eliminate some of the sludge that can sit in the bottom of the gallbladder. They also dissolve gallstones.

Healthy Vending in London, UK

Cucumbers are generally very hydrating for the body, they also provide a hydrating liver water just like apples. A very good liver cleanse helper.

Healthy Vending in London, UK

Spinach has mineral salts and nutrients that help the liver. It also helps the liver receive vitamin B12 better.

Healthy Vending in London, UK

Lemons and limes improve hydrochloric acid (HCL) production in the stomach. They also cleanse fatty livers and help dissolve gallstones.

Healthy Vending in London, UK

Oranges and tangerines provide a wealth of calcium and vitamin C that the liver can use since it’s combined with the glucose in the fruit.

Healthy Vending in London, UK

Berries are practically a medicine for the liver. Your liver contains a type of cell known as Kupffer cells, and wild blueberries especially contain the kinds of antioxidants those cells need. Raspberries, blackberries and blueberries are all powerful healing foods for your liver too.

Healthy Vending in London, UK

Stay healthy with The Jar!

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