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The Jar - Healthy Vending Essentials: Food combinations to avoid

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Every time traveling to Italy I hear them saying ‘never ever in your life you get an orange juice together with a latte macchiato’. Those Mediterranean critics never managed to prove me wrong but somehow still left me at a loss. Therefore, today we will dig dipper together into food combinations to avoid and find out if that saying was a scientifically proven concern or just another crazy Italian fad.

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK


Surprisingly, we found that melons should never be combined with other fruits. The trick behind this rule is the time we need for digesting different foods. Melons being mostly water (around 92%) are some of the fastest foods to digest. Certainly, it’s the reason you see it included in many diet plans for weight loss. However, being good on its own it can be quite dangerous in a pair with something else. Most of the other fruits take a much longer time for digestion which causes melon to stay and boringly wait for everyone else to be digested. And by that time your banana is ready to go forward your melon might already be off. So, keep it simple and chic, your Cantaloupe will thank you later;)

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK


Another shady rule I have been told to follow by my Italian friends. First of all, I have a question, sorry, two questions: Carbonara and Bolognese? Never received an answer for why these two kinds of pasta are exclusively allowed I have never thought they were actually right about it. Animal protein and starch is a dangerous mix to avoid, especially, on a first date. Different ways of digestion make those dishes just incompatible causing discomfort and gas problems. Just keep it for the times of living together.

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK


Who knew my favorite morning combo is, actually, the one I should avoid. Two fried eggs with some crispy bacon is a life-time mantra of mine: busy morning, lazy brunch or hangover cure - it’s just all in one dish. My heart got broken researching this, but I found that both of these products contain high protein and at the same time high fat from bacon making this duo way hard to digest. Oh, at least my avo toast is still safe.

Milk and orange juice

It does seem like a very debatable topic in the nutritionist’s world. Ayurveda studies tell that milk is no good when it comes together with acid fruits such as orange. By those rules, OJ causes curdling of milk due to the high acidity of orange and consequentially this curdling develops into allergic reactions and even diarrhea. Others say that our stomach will curdle the milk anyway due to the acids which help us digest in the first place. Guess who I tend to believe more? We, probably, need our pH balance expert Adel in here who looked into that topic in one of her posts. Until she comments on this post, I call this case unresolved and continue to drink my two morning essentials together.

At The Jar Healthy Vending, we carefully compose our menus backing up our decisions with ongoing research in the field of nutrition and vending innovations. All our products are always made of freshest ingredients and pass our quality check to ensure you’re the foods in your lunches are always compatible and great for digestion.

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