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The Jar Essentials: 5 Surprising Facts About Sugar

Coke with fries? Chocolates with a cup of tea after a meal? Do these sound tempting?

No wonder they do! We are so used to indulging in daily guilty pleasures, that unfortunately we've started to forget the whole essence of healthy and balanced nutrition.

And sugar seems to come as a first disruptor of our healthy diets and habits.

Unlike other nutrients which we ingest, fructose goes undetected by our appetite hormones. See the danger? We can eat a lot of refined sugar but still not feel full.

Much of the sugar we eat is also filled with ‘empty’ calories (which we covered here) and lacks many of the important components we need for a health diet, including vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre and healthy fats.

Unfortunately, all that "bad reputation' which sugar has obtained over the years is supported by scientific research. A diet high in refined sugars can lead to all sorts of health issues from lower immunity, digestive issues and obesity to more serious problems like heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

However, not everything is so bad about it. After all, our brain needs glucose to function well.

The Jar Healthy Vending is here to bring you a few surprising facts about sugar.

Not all sugar is bad

Giving up sugar completely might be a top go-to resolution for those who decide to be conscious about their food consumption habits.

Yes, we do hear that sugar is bad A LOT. However this doesn't mean that we should exclude everything sweet from our lives.

What nutritionists really mean is - we should be eating less added sugar. Like white or brown sugar in granola bars, honey in the yoghurt or syrup in your tea.

Sugar which occurs naturally in fruits and some of the diary should not be treated same as the one which we add artificially.

Sugar which occurs naturally in fruits and some of the diary should not be treated same as the one which we add artificially.

Natural sugars come along with vitamins, minerals and fibre, which causes our body to absorb sugar at a slower rate.

Now we just have to show you a few things at The Jar Vault, which can satisfy a sweet craving with natural sugars.

The Jar Vault

Natural sweeteners are not guilt-free

Minimally processed sweeteners like honey and maple syrup can come to mind as healthy alternatives to white sugar.

Well, yes and no. They do contain more nutrients, however the amount of those nutrients is so little that it most probably won't have any positive impact on your health.

Unfortunately, our bodies treat all sugars the same - it sees them as monosaccharide sugar molecules which deliver about 4 calories per gram.

Note: there's one alternative though - Jerusalem artichoke syrup, which is derived from a sweet root which looks a little like ginger and potato mix. Look it up and get surprised with this, by far, only sweetener with health benefits aiding weight loss.

Sugar is not an addiction (as we know it)

Sometimes they compare sugar to drugs, as sugar stimulates pathways in the brain which are associated with pleasure and reward.

Eating sweets causes spikes and drops in blood sugar, which stimulates headache and lack of energy. Which is why your body is looking for ways to stabilise blood sugar from sharp drops to feel better. Here's where this "addiction" comes from.

Changing diet habits and coming up with natural sugar substitutes will eventually let your body withdraw from these cravings easily.

So, no, it's not really an addiction similar to those like drugs or coffee - but rather your natural body signal for required nutrients.

You shouldn't avoid sugar completely

There's even a recommendation provided by health organisations on how much sugar we require per day.

According to some research, an adult eating 2,000 calories per day should have between 36 and up to 50 grams, of added sugar daily.

Having less sugar is always better - trade adde sugar for smoothie or a juice as a snack.

'Sugar-free' is not a good alternative

Sugar-free label is a very efficient marketing technique, we might say. However, no one warns us that those low and no calorie sweeteners can actually backfire real bad.

Consumption of sweeteners are linked to weight gain, as well as a higher risk for high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and even heart attacks. Also, they might negatively affect on gut bacteria, which are so important for our overall well-being.

At The Jar Healthy Vending you will be able to find hand-picked and self-checked local healthy sweets as well as snacks, drinks, and meals which are always available for you at any time of the day.

Interested to check one out or install in your office? Read this to learn more.

Stay sweet with The Jar!

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