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The Jar At The Gym - Serious Nutrition The Healthy Vending Machine Way

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Calling all gym bunnies and future Arnies, the personal trainers and lycra-clad strainers. Is there a better feeling than sweating it all out at the gym, beating your personal best and knowing that you’re putting in the effort to be the best version of yourself?

Abs Are Made in the Kitchen!

We all know taking care of our bodies doesn’t end with working out, after all, a six-pack is made in the kitchen, not in the gym! How do you make sure you’re eating properly after a big gym session? As tempting as it may be, the burger place over the road is not the ideal place to refuel.

Besides which, you’ve no doubt watched (with a heavy dose of curiosity/cynicism) the documentary Game Changers. If you haven’t already ditched the steak in favour of legumes, you’re probably tempted to at least give it a go, right? Maybe full-on veganism isn’t for you but how about practising some “reduce-atarian” this month?

The solution to flooding your post-workout body with serious nutrition might just come as a surprise. Keep your eyes peeled and your abs ripped thanks to the latest and most innovative way to pack in a post-workout protein punch.

From rehydrating drinks to protein-rich snacks and complex carbohydrates, they can all be quickly and easily replenished courtesy of one of our healthy vending machines in London. Look out for our latest machine popping up at a gym near you soon!

Refuel Your Tank

When it comes to post-workout nutrition, it’s a bit of a minefield. Should you plump for the latest superfoods, an energising green juice or keep it clean and lean with a source of protein?

The last thing you want is for all that expended energy to go to waste by grabbing something convenient that undoes all your previous good work. Not only is post-workout food important. You’ve also very much earned it!

So these are our two top tips on how to refuel your tank the right way and give it a kick start on the road to recovery.


Think about it. When was the last time anyone told you to drink less water? We thought not!

At the risk of stating the obvious, rehydrating your body after a particularly gruelling workout is essential. You need to replace any fluids you lost while sweating it out. Preferably in the form of cool liquids that will quickly return your body back to its normal temperature.

Even if your workout has been relatively low impact, do not underestimate the importance of hydration. It’s essential to keep the digestive system ticking over and rev up your metabolism. Being just 1% dehydrated can massively slow down your ability to burn fat and maintain lean muscle so don’t forget to drink up!

Our healthy vending machine in London offers an extensive range of options including the following delicious and nutritious beverages:

LemonAid - four different flavoured, refreshing organic lemonade drinks

DA-SH Water - a series of deliciously infused British sparkling waters with ingredients like Blackcurrants

DRGN Drink - packed with electrolytes to reduce hydration and Turmeric to ease inflammation

Whoever said that water was boring never tried our No1 Rosemary Water!

The Jar Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Stay happy, healthy and fully hydrated thanks to our superfood infused, immunity-boosting bottles of organic goodness. Whether you fancy a nutrient-dense cold-pressed juice or the natural caffeine energy of matcha green tea, we’ve got the lot to power you through.

Pack in the Protein

After a workout is when your body is craving protein to aid recovery and repair any tissue damaged during exercise There’s no need to go overboard and start chowing down on a side of beef! Although for the committed carnivores among you, check out the delicious South African inspired biltong snacks from Taste award winner, Ember Snacks.

Another excellent way to pack in a protein punch is to snack on yoghurt. If you’re super disciplined and have started your day in the gym, then how about grabbing one of the Breakfast pots created by Pollen & Grace? Seriously delicious yet nutritious too.

Do you own a gym? Why not buy a healthy vending machine in London. You’ll find all of these innovative brands and more as part of the line-up of healthy and tasty, effective post-workout solutions.

The Jar and the Gym! Your fitness and nutrition buddies.

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