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The benefits of a healthy vending machine

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Statistics show that there are approximately half a million vending machines scattered across the UK. This means that in most public places you will be able to find a vending machine. These are designed to offer food on the go when you are feeling peckish or do not have enough time for a proper meal.

They typically offer an abundance of unhealthy food and drinks, including sugar-sweetened hot beverages, fizzy drinks, chocolate bars, sweets and crisps. Most of these foods are low in nutrition, but high in energy per serving.

Many people access vending machines on a regular basis, at school, college, university or in their work environment, either due to choice and temptation, or because at the time they have no other alternatives available for them.

A poor diet, full of sugary or salty snacks and high energy drinks has a significant detrimental impact over time. It can result in an increased risk of high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol in the blood, obesity and inflammation. Over time these factors can result in the development of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even some types of cancer.

How healthy vending machines compare to conventional vending machines

If you have a conventional vending machine in your school, college, university or workplace then you need to consider altering the choice of food and drink that you have to offer. To increase the availability of healthy food and drink options and decrease or eliminate unhealthy snacks and drinks, you need to speak to our fantastic team at The Jar and find out how to buy healthy vending machine UK.

Extensive research shows that a well-proportioned, healthy diet, full of different fruit and vegetables, benefits your physical and mental wellbeing and is an important long-term investment in good health later on in life. By offering your students, colleagues or clients healthier options you are promoting better wellbeing for the public and future generations.

Healthy vending at The Jar

Here at The Jar we can help you buy healthy vending machine UK. These are designed to replace conventional vending machines and offer healthy, delicious and nutritious options to replace sweet or salty snacks and fizzy drinks.

To buy healthy vending machine UK all you require is a metre square of free space and a working plug point. Our nutritional vending machines are modern, bright and attractive. They deliver a high-definition, full colour touchscreen option and offer contactless payment for ease and convenience.

We have a variety of food and beverages to offer, including fresh food options. We offer a wide range of breakfast options, such as porridge and muesli. We have tasty meal options such as soups, broths, noodles and salad pots, and we also offer a great range of snacks and drinks. We can either put together a selection of our wonderful food and drink options or you can choose to tailor what you offer at your venue, workplace or educational institution.

Speak to us today to find out more about getting a healthy vending machine and begin offering healthier food and drink options at your location without delay to incur huge benefits.

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