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Swapping fizzy drinks and chocolate bars for healthy nutritious snacks and juice

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Vending machines have been around in offices and workplaces since the 1980s, serving as a quick and convenient solution to satisfy cravings and sudden hunger pangs throughout the day. Here at The Jar Healthy Vending we supply healthy vending machines in London, and whether you want to hire or buy one of our machines for your office space, we will put together a plan for you.

What are healthy vending machines?

Our healthy vending machines in London provide a nutritious, delicious and affordable alternative to conventional vending machines which are loaded with addictive fizzy drinks, crisps and chocolate bars. Our machines look very smart in the workplace and only require a metre of your space. They offer a wide range of healthy yet affordable snacks and drinks, and come with a large, high-resolution touchscreen display which lists all the products, their prices, ingredients, allergens and nutritional information. The menu allows you to filter food options for vegetarians, vegan diets and gluten free diets, taking note of allergies as well.

healthy vending machines in London, UK

Our vending machines are fully managed and easy to maintain

Our healthy vending machines in London accept Apple pay and Android pay, as well as contactless card payments which is ideal for the current market in which people no longer carry around cash and coins, making sure the user experience is as comfortable and convenient as possible. We offer 3 varieties of our vending machines, which have an error proof design and are fully managed and fully serviced by our team who provide a 24 hour helpline. You will have a dedicated member of our team who will control and monitor the vending machine remotely using our specialised software, either on their computer or mobile phone, to check or change prices as necessary, monitor stock levels, keep an eye out for expiry dates and manage any issues with the operation of the machine. They will also be able to provide you with excellent customer service at all times.

Environmentally friendly vending machines

Our vending machines are energy efficient and easy to operate and require a 3-pin standard electrical socket for setup. All parts are put together separately so that if there is an issue with your machine then our software will be able to detect the exact location of the problem and only that specific part will need to be replaced or changed, which means it is easy to maintain. We have developed machines to reduce waste and carbon emissions and we offer biodegradable packaging and wood-based cutlery as part of a promise to reduce our carbon footprint. By remotely monitoring stock levels we make sure that no food is wasted, any products which are near to their expiry date can be reduced in price and we are also part of the ‘too good to go’ scheme.

Speak to us at The Jar Healthy Vending today to find out more about our healthy vending machines in London and how they can benefit your workplace and keep your team happy and healthy.

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