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Summer Diet or What To Eat When It's Blazing Hot

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Oh baby, it’s hot outside! Just the right time for the long-awaited picnics in the park on the socially accepted distance, of course. Just be sure to prepare an SPF and a hand sanitiser - new summer essentials.

Talking about seasonal food, what is a summer diet actually and how to choose the right products during blazing summer days? The Jar Healthy Vending team decided to find out which products will help to keep it cool and productive during the hot summer season.

You might have noticed the loss of appetite and even sluggish mood when the weather is warmer than usual. And considering how hard it is to focus on the important tasks in such a state - our healthy crew definitely needs to find a solution for this situation.

According to nutritionists, the reduced appetite happens because the digestion process slows down under the influence of atmospheric heat, while the body spends most of its energy to maintain the desired body temperature. As a result, the blood supply to the gastrointestinal tract decreases, which, in turn, leads to a decrease in appetite, a decrease in the secretion of saliva and the general slow down of all metabolic processes.

Considering all of the above, there are a few things that the summer diet should focus on:

  • Nourishing and fortifying the body

  • Giving "cooling" energy

  • Improving blood circulation

There are certain product that help the body to cope with the atmospheric heat. But first, since healthy diet is a complex game, we will go through a quick check list for a best way to keep up with the optimum summer nutrition plan.

Healthy Vending in London, UK

When the temperature rises above the 30 ° C, nutritionists advise moving the main meals to the cool time of the day. For example, it is best to have breakfast in the early morning and shift lunch to 11:00–11:30AM. It is also advisable to have dinner after 18:00, and then have a little snack again at around 21:00.

Healthy Vending in London, UK

We are so tempted to have a cold icy refreshing drink when the sun is in its zenith. However, this is probably not the best solution to cool down. An old Chinese wisdom strikes to the point again. Countries of Central Asia, where the heat is uncontrollably high, people cool off with a couple tea cups. The secret is in the sweat that comes out under this action and begins to evaporate actively from the surface of the skin. As a result, we feel the long-awaited coolness.

But if this sounds too extreme, The Jar Healthy Vending suggests the following to quench your thirst: herbal infusions such as No.1 Botanicals Mint Water, simple mineral water without gas or an alternative mineral-infused Aqua Esse Damask Rose Aromatic Water. A Rejuice berry drink could also do just fine.

Healthy Vending in London, UK

When we eat meat products, we increase our metabolism by about 40%. And if in the cold season it helps to keep us warm, then in the heat it causes increased sweating and general weakness. When the weather is deviant from normal, our heart and blood vessels work under increased stress. In hot weather especially, the blood becomes thicker due to a lack of fluid in the body. This negatively affects blood circulation - it’s harder for the heart, even a healthy one, to pump blood. To support it, look for foods high in potassium such as Sweet Potato Soup from PRESS or an Easy Green smoothie with cucumber.

Healthy Vending in London, UK

Remember, thirst during hot days should not be tolerated. It is best to establish the correct drinking regimen. The daily intake of water should be about 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight. And unfortunately, all carbonated sweet drinks and packaged juices are not considered water: these liquids only give an extra load to the weakened hot body and increase the thirst. It is absolutely crucial to drink quality water, preferably slightly acidified with lemon juice. The Jar Healthy Vending has a wide range of cooling drinks with additional minerals and vitamins to keep your body strong and healthy even during stressful days. Check out our menu here.

Stay cool and enjoy the summer with The Jar Healthy Vending!

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