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Promoting healthy eating with vending machines from the Jar

Vending machines are an excellent way of buying snacks and drinks when you are in a rush and don't have time for a proper meal. Unfortunately, traditional machines are convenient but detrimental to your health, full of chocolate, crisps, salty snacks and fizzy drinks. If you have a food dispenser on your premises then it is time that you get rid of the snacks inside your existing machine and replace the lot with a vending machine that benefits public health, encourages better eating and helps fight the growing problem that is obesity in the UK. Speak to us at The Jar. Here at The Jar we promote healthy vending. This means that we supply healthy vending machines for your premises at no cost to yourselves.

Fighting obesity

We want to promote healthy eating across the country and reduce the rate of obesity and the many diseases that are associated with obesity. Obesity affects both children and adults. it can have a life-threatening impact. Obesity is caused as a result of the types of foods that are found in traditional vending machines which are chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks that increase LDL or unhealthy fats in your body, whilst decreasing the level of HDL or healthy fats in your body. Heart attacks, stroke, diabetes and even cancer are associated with junk food and a poor diet, so it is time that everyone started to replace traditional vending machines with healthy vending machines across the UK. There are half a million vending machines in the UK that supply over seven billion products every year. Most of these are chocolate bars, crisps, fizzy drink bottles and caffeinated hot drinks. These are all causing detriment to public health.

Healthy vending machines

Speak to us and find out about healthy eating with healthy vending machines from the Jar. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, healthy vending machines can be filled with delicious sweet treats that use natural sugars as an alternative to added sugars, healthy fats rather than saturated fats and reduced salt and sodium that taste just as good or even better than traditional chocolate bars and crisps. The drinks in traditional vending machines are usually full of caffeine and sugar, whereas in our healthy machines you will find tasty fruit juices and nutritious milk drinks that will satisfy your cravings, get rid of any hunger pangs and leave you feeling contented for many hours. With healthy vending machines you know that the snacks that you buy are good for your body and promote better health and wellbeing, however many times you choose to visit throughout the day or during the week. We can stock the machine with best-selling products or you can take a look at our list and choosewhat you think the people around you will prefer. We monitor the machine remotely making sure that it is working at all times, which means that you have a fully functioning, healthy machine providing delicious food and drinks 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Visit our website and have a look at the different vending machines that we offer and the wide range of food and drinks that are available with them.

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