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Positively impact your work environment with our healthy vending machines in London

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

More often than not you will see the same products being offered in vending machines in the workplace. Here at The Jar - Healthy Vending, we are passionate about your health, and we strive to make a difference through offering healthy vending machines in London as an alternative.

Our vending machines stand out from the rest thanks to the healthy variety of foods they offer, so your staff are able to make a healthy choice when it comes to snacks.

If you feel concerned about the effects that junk food may have on your health and would like to source a healthier option, The Jar - Healthy Vending is here to assist.

Enjoy vegan and gluten-free options with healthy choices

Our healthy vending machines in London offer delicious wholesome products and provide both vegan and gluten-free options, as well as biodegradable cutlery. Here at The Jar - Healthy Vending, we have put a lot of heart and soul into the products we create and the effects they have on your health and the environment.

Now you are able to eat healthier while on the go or snacking at work, thanks to the nutritious variety we have on offer. We wanted to stay away from only offering crisps and sandwiches which is the custom in most traditional vending machines out there.

In addition, we have taken the extra step to include a cutlery tray. Our healthy vending machines in London include a cutlery tray option, so that you don’t have to worry about carrying a set around with you to work each day.

We supply to businesses, public areas, and local schools

Are you considering having a vending machine at your office? Would you like to see a machine offering healthy snacks at your children’s school? Here, at our business, we supply our vending machines to all these places and more so you can enjoy a scrumptious snack on the go. The best news of all? You’re able to have our machines on site free of charge with no strings attached.

The first step to take is to reach out to us to let us know you’re interested in having one of our healthy vending machines available at your premises. Our machines are monitored 24/7 and this includes carefully reviewing the stock levels to monitor available products, as well as setting the prices of products and temperature control.

Should you encounter any issues or problems along the way, our friendly engineer will be called out on a visit to help inspect and assess the situation and will be able to get the machine working smoothly again.

Our vending machines are known to be energy efficient and can be controlled on a timer should you wish to lower the impact on the environment. For those interested in having a machine at their office, but are worried that it may be too small a space, fear not, as our machines only require one square foot of space. Simply place the machine near a plug socket and you’re good to go as it requires minimal disruption to your workplace.

Here at The Jar - Healthy Vending, we have a wide variety of vending machines available with a range of stock levels so you can find the best machine to suit your needs.

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