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Ingredient Digest with The Jar Healthy Vending: Maca

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Breaking news! The Jar Healthy Vending is back this Friday with our very special series of “Ingredient Digest”! Last time we talked about the best bits of turmeric and now decided to dig in the lands of Peru for another nutritious root. So, let’s welcome to the table this new booming supplement - maca.

Same as turmeric adaptogenic maca is a root vegetable that is usually dried out and grounded into the powder for an easier consumption. Therefore, it is the prefect small booster to your morning smoothies or snack bars. The benefit list of maca, like any other superfood, seems endless and versatile. Thus, let’s highlight the truth and let go the myths about this Peruvian gem.

Nutrition profile.

Maca is the rich source of minerals: hundred grams of root’s powder contain a quarter of recommended dietary allowance in calcium and manganese as well as even more than half daily norm of copper while only 60 grams of maca is needed to support intake of iron. Infused with all the best of Vitamin C, B6 and a fair amount of fiber this supplement seems very promising, with the only clearly obvious downside being 94 calories per ounce of the product.

Boost libido.

You thought we missed it in our “Vegan Lust” post? We just did not want to open all the cards;) From the beginning of the days maca was used by the natives of Peru and surrounding regions as the fertility rate enhancer. Quite recently these effects were examined by many scientists in their studies on the sexual dysfunctions which proved that regular consumption of maca increases the sex drive in both men and women as well as fertility in case of men.

Stop being moody.

Maca due to its healthy compounds such as flavonoids is described by many as the happy pill. Intake of maca can bring back the positive vibes and take you out of the light depression with the regular consumption of jus a few grams a day. Sounding like something between a myth and a miracle, research proved decreasing anxiety in number of women in their postmenopausal period after taking maca regularly.

Get those curves.

More of a myth content that maca can improve working on that booty and bring you the curvy body, it actually works well for many athletes and gym lovers. Of course, there is no practical evidence that the supplement can improve your body shape but it does help to enhance endurance performance, increase energy and gain muscles. Just reminding that it only will support your working out routine and not substitute it. With this being said we mean you still have to take this HIIT class tonight, don’t be lazy!

Healthy Vending in London, UK

Now you all know what to try this September as your new supplement. But in case you already prepared the plan for your vitamins intake, we have some maca ready for you in all of our machines around London. We guarantee, you’ve seen it there and, probably, were too busy to google this delicious Pollen and Grace snack bar with coconut caramel and maca. Now you know it all, so, don’t hesitate to click on it next time.

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