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How to get the most out of your lunch break?😏

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Quick question first: what do you do during your lunch break?

Sounds way too obvious, right? Huh, but this one was actually a tricky one. Majority of us use lunch break time at the office for ‘just having lunch’. What if we tell you that placing the Jar - Healthy Vending machines can easily change that. We have asked around and done the math for all the things you can do instead of ‘just having 1h lunch’ if you get one of our vending machines at your office.

Let’s start from the bottom. How much time does the regular ‘getting food’ require? Imagine we are ‘post covid times’ and all are back to the office. It’s about 12 pm and everyone in the City including you are hungry and eager to get their second meal of the day.

What comes next? You decide to leave your typical 30+ storey building in search of some snacks and drinks. Your first “time waste” obstacle comes straight after you decide to leave your office place “the-always-so-busy elevator”. Congrats, you have just spent the first 5 minutes of your one hour break.

55 min left till the end of your lunch break

OK. You managed to get down to the street. Now with a moderate pace you are walking towards the next stop - lunch place. Boom - another 5 minutes are gone. We will not even say you have time to sit in, because let’s be fair - you don’t.

50 min left till the end of your lunch break

So you have decided to go for a take away cafe together with another 50 people that work nearby and had the same thought. You chose your meal, waited in the queue to order and for your meal to get prepared. On a good day this would be 15-20 minutes overall.

30 min left till the end of your lunch break

And now occasionally you meet some colleague on the street which takes another 5 minutes of your time. You are starting to rush.

25 min till the end of your lunch break

You are now walking back to the office and again taking your favourite “the-always-so-busy elevator”. Pam pam - 10 minutes are gone.

15 minute till the end of your lunch break.

Oh so now you are finally ready to eat your lunch in those 15 minutes left of your lunch break. You even need to hurry up in case you also want to use the bathroom.

Congratulations, you have just wasted 45 minutes of your lunch break on useless logistics. And now imagine the way you would have done it if you had the Jar vending machine installed at your office space.

You would not need to leave the office to get a snack. Your way to the machine would take you a maximum 2-3 minutes. Cashless payments and advanced vending technologies would make sure you need less than a minute to get your order ready. You could spend another 25 minutes having your lunch and you would still have about half an hour left for yourself.

The Jar Healthy Vending Machine at offices

In 30 minutes you could have done a run and burn 300 calories. In 30 minutes you could have watched one episode of Friends. You could have also instead listened to a podcast or read a book. Those 30 minutes you could have been matchmaking on Tinder or having a scroll of your Instagram feed.

Think of all the things you could have done in those 30 minutes instead of wasting them on your way to get lunch. At the Jar - Healthy Vending we provide our clients with healthy and tasty lunch options at affordable prices to fit into your daily budget.

Many of our existing clients have already seen the positive influence of healthy vending at their workplace and now it’s your turn!

Your Jar - Healthy Vending team ❤️

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