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Healthy Vending Machines in London - Kombucha Floats, The Perfect Summer!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

We appreciate it’s not always easy getting your kids excited about nutrition. You might well be on a health kick but wrap it up any way you like, they’re never going to pick out the Kale crisps by choice!

healthy vending machines in London, UK
JARR Kombucha in The Jar - Healthy Vending Machine

That’s why we’ve made it our mission here at The Jar healthy snack vending machines in London to spice up your life with our fun and flavoursome recipe ideas. Today we have something delicious with just a touch of magic that will have your little ones begging for gut-healing Kombucha! We kid you not. They’ll be clambering to try out this healthy raw fermented tea!

Step Forward This Summer’s Must-Have Drink - The Kombucha Float

There’s something reassuringly old school and nostalgic about making a float! A little bit of magic happens when you mix two ingredients together to create something that’s part dreamy desert and in this case, part healthy medicine for your tummy too.

We can probably all recollect those hot summer days of our youth when Mum finally gave in and let us make an ice-cream soda float. All sweet and creamy and fizzing with deliciousness. Not exactly healthy but such a treat!

The Float Just Got A Healthy Makeover

Well, how about swapping out the traditional root beer or Cola for one of the range of JARR Kombucha drinks found in The Jar - Healthy Vending machines in London?

Whether you go for the Original, Ginger or Passion Fruit flavour, simply pair with a scoop of their favourite ice cream and suddenly you’re serving up a sweet treat that’s also packed with probiotics and will support their gut health. Kombucha is also rich in B vitamins and can aid the detoxification process, so it makes an excellent base for a creative ice cream combo float.

All The Flavour Combinations

Get creative in the kitchen and encourage your kids to come up with their own signature Kombucha Float! Of course, the ice-cream you use also makes a big difference but the great news is that these days there are plenty of dairy-free alternatives or grass-fed dairy ranges to choose from.

Totally Tropical Kombucha Float

If you’re stuck for ideas, why not try this mouth-watering recipe?

Simply grab a delicious and refreshing bottle of JAA Kombucha Passion Fruit, bursting with 100% Ecuadorian passion fruit puree and blend with Ben & Jerry’s dairy-free Coconut Seven Layer Bar. Guaranteed to totally tantalise the taste buds with its tropical blend of flavours and put some tongue and your tummy in seventh heaven!

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