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Healthy vending machines in London

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

The Jar - Healthy Vending are at the vanguard of the evolution of healthy vending machines in London, so it stands to reason that their machines are at the forefront of technology. Wherever they are deployed, they are sure to catch the eye for all the right reasons with their sleek and attractive design, along with customisable exterior cosmetic vinyl, available in a number of colours.

Healthy vending machines in London, UK
Just one of the models available at The Jar

The alluring machines are sure to draw in the clientèle, and then it’s down to the delectable contents to entice the browsing potential customer.

Greater than the sum of it’s state-of-the-art parts

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, The Jar's healthy vending machines also pride themselves on their practicality, as they are secure, easily portable and designed to be ergonomically comfortable with a collection tray point positioned just below their intuitive touch screen displays.

The deployment of their VendLive remotely controlled software allows for quick and convenient adjustments to prices, as well as instantaneous monitoring of stock. Additionally, being able to monitor the machines online enables immediate detection of faults, and subsequently wasting less time, making them more efficient than their less technologically advanced counterparts.

Convenient Healthy Vending Machines in the UK

Convenience and speed are integral factors for customers who choose to use vending machines, with this taken into consideration with regards to the payment system. All machines have integrated a quick contactless payment system, compatible with most global payment cards, as well as Android and Apple Pay applications, to help you with a speedy transaction to help you on your way to enjoying your fresh and healthy meal as quickly as possible.

The Jar Healthy Vending’s mobile machines are in keeping with the ethos of their brand - making things more convenient, for their clients, as well as the consumers, of the delicious food on offer in these state of the art machines. Also, although the machines are modern and metallic, the cutlery served with each meal is wood based and biodegradable. So you can tuck into your nutritious meal with a clear conscious - as you will only be impacting on your health and the environment in a positive way.

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