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Healthy vending machines for healthier staff

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Why do you need a healthy vending machine?

Despite the promotion of health awareness and wholesome eating, health issues in the UK continue to rise and a high percentage of this occurs as a result of poor diet and obesity. Your average member of staff spends 8 hours in the office, a third of the day and therefore usually consumes a third of their daily nutrition in that time too. It is important to encourage healthy eating in the workplace to improve the health and wellbeing of your staff. By taking away unhealthy options and replacing them with healthy alternatives you can encourage your staff to make good nutritional choices. To do this you can buy healthy vending machine UK. Speak to us at The Jar to find out about how you can replace your vending machine with an attractive and healthy alternative.

How does it work and what are the advantages?

Here at The Jar Healthy Vending, we have fantastic vending machines which offer an extensive range of healthy food and drinks. Examples of healthy alternatives for a typical vending machine include replacing fizzy drinks with carbonated water, organic fruit juice and soya milk, we replace crisps with vegetable crisps, fruit crisps and granola bars and we swap chocolate bars with fresh fruit. Health foods have become increasingly popular over the last couple of decades. In most offices with a conventional vending machine, staff will be snacking on chocolates, crisps and fizzy drinks, which on a daily basis can be detrimental to their health. If you buy healthy vending machine UK you will encourage your staff to make healthier choices for their snacks, which will promote better overall health and ultimately create a more efficient workforce for you, because research has shown that a healthy work environment helps to boost productivity, reduce the number of days taken off sick and promote better staff retention.

Most employees are found to remain in the workplace during lunch hours, therefore it is important that you offer healthy food and drink options in the office to promote the wellbeing of your staff. If you buy healthy vending machine UK then you are providing your staff with healthy alternatives to what they may usually reach for at lunch times, fizzy drinks and sugary snacks, which hold little nutritional value but plenty of calories instead. This may not suit everyone, but by eliminating the option of unhealthy snacks you will find that at times, some members of staff who are not too keen on healthy eating will be obliged to opt for a healthy alternative instead, to fulfill their mid afternoon sugar craving. By making sure you have a wide range of healthy alternatives available at all times you will be encouraging them to make the better choice and promote better general health at the same time. Speak to us at The Jar Healthy Vending today and find out more about how to buy healthy vending machine UK for your office and watch the benefits slowly unfold in front of your eyes. Many companies list employee wellbeing as being a priority for them, however there is not much being done about this, speak to us today and make a difference for your team.

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