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Healthy vending machines - a modern update of an old business model!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Ever since Coca Cola made its big investment into vending machines and moved towards aluminium cans over their iconic glass bottles, the vending machine has been associated with convenience food, - high salt and sugary snacks. But it needn't be so and vending machines are not so picky about what they sell!

As customer interests and priorities have changed, convenience food remains a high priority, but there is an ever growing need for healthy options or so called ‘healthy vending machines’. But what might you expect if you buy healthy vending machine UK?


Rather than its cinema or heavily salted cousin, most healthy or low calorie popcorn are lightly seasoned and make a very filling snack.

Nuts of all kinds

Nuts can be a mixed bag and much like the cinema popcorn, depending on the preparation of the individual brand, a bag of nuts can be anything from a dietary disaster to an important part of a grazing routine. With a long shelf life and the potential to be mixed with dried fruits, lightly seasoned nuts are a staple of healthy vending machines.


Seeds have been through the fad of being labelled as super foods; from the humble pumpkin to sunflower seeds, but as any Russian will tell you, these are far from a fad but a cultural snack food enjoyed for generations and seeds are strong contenders as an excellent healthy alternative to peanuts.

Cereal and granola bars

The original 80s birth of the healthy power bar, breakfast on the go alternative; cereal and granola bars have become a mainstay in health food shops and they are more than appropriate to be distributed via vending machines. They can also be lower in sugar, allowing you to have your energy released from them throughout the day.

Bottled water

Bottled spring water and bottled water have the long shelf life needed for convenience and staying fresh, while also fitting the bill perfectly for a healthy vending machine.

Crisps and crisp alternatives

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK

Potato chips need not be unhealthy junk food and with an increase in baked over fried crisps, low salt and low sugar crisps are finding their way into the healthier market. There is no reason why some forms of baked potato or wheat chips would not comfortably find their niche in our buy healthy vending machine in UK healthy vending range; also chips need not be made of potato - and banana, beetroot and carrot chips are all being seen as great alternatives to the traditional bagged crisps.

Dried fruits

Fruits have traditionally had their place in a healthy diet. They are still on the high sugar end of what's usually available, but can still be enjoyed in moderation and can be considered a treat or the sweeter aspect of the healthy vending industry.

High protein or protein enriched beverages

For some people, healthy eating is not an aspiration towards longevity or peak health, but striving towards athletic goals. Many of these customers would have been drawn towards the high sugar and salt isotonic beverages, but more so protein drinks. This is an area well worth exploring for anybody thinking of operating a healthy vending machine due to the high turnover and profitability of protein drinks, ranging from creatine specialist beverages to those that meet keto diet requirements. And you will be able to find these drinks if you buy healthy vending machine UK!

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