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Healthy Vending in London – Helping You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

It's that time of year again, a time for celebration and over indulgence. In the wake of the new year, a vast amount of us make a promise to ourselves – and often the rest of the world through announcing it on social media – that they will make a concerted effort to get fit and healthy, to shed those unwanted pounds they have accumulated over winter.

Alcohol is ditched, cookies and cakes go on the back burner and gym membership subscriptions go through the roof. Initial improvements are often made, but any further progress grinds to an inevitable halt. The reason being?

According to statistics, failing to maintain a healthy diet is the biggest culprit. That stands to reason, when you consider weight loss is 80% attributed to diet, in comparison to 20% gym routine and physical activity.

The importance of sustaining a healthy diet cannot be understated, a salient fact that The Jar - Healthy Vending have based their entire business around. Their mission is to increase the accessibility of fresh, healthily prepared meals for busy urban dwellers on the go through strategically placed Healthy Vending in London.

There is up to 17 million people in London each day, that's a lot of mouths to feed and a lot of different tastes to cater for. The Jar – Healthy Vending aim to offer an expansive range of meals, differing in flavour but maintaining a high level of quality. All the meals available will have their nutritional value clearly displayed, allowing the conscientious diner to monitor their intake to help them achieve their dietary goals.

The Jar – Healthy Vending aim to help you keep the promise you make to yourself every turn of the year – this year is gona be my year, I will be a better version of myself. The old adage states that the devil lays in our habits, with healthy vending leading to healthier quick-bite options which limits the temptation to just grab a pizza after work. I mean, there's no problem doing it on occasion, we are human, but it's changing what you do habitually that will lead to the more well balanced diet and the subsequent improvements in your health.

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