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Healthy office vending machines in London, UK

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Restaurant Standard Cuisine At Your Desk; The Jar – Healthy Office Vending Machines in London

Healthy Vending Machines in London, UK
The Jar - Healthy Vending Mk2

If you are a Director of a company with a large office in London or Greater London area, then The Jar's healthy vending machines can offer you a service that will both win you kudos from your employees and also potentially boost the productivity of your workforce.

An Office Treat

It’s not uncommon for a boss to supply tea and coffee for their team, with the occasional treat of doughnuts or something of a similar ilk, but now The Jar, manufacturers and suppliers of stocked vending machines, are now offering their innovative services for the commercial office environment in the London area.

The Service

As part of the service, the machines will be maintained and re-stocked regularly with fresh healthy meal options, available at very reasonable prices. Working in conjunction with local restaurateurs, The Jar's healthy office vending machines are a vehicle for local businesses to showcase their cuisine and increase their target demographic. The machines will only be stocking healthy food options, and will continue to switch up the menu, keeping the meal options interesting as well as healthy. Considering the diverse range of palates, preferences and dietary requirements in the typical office, installing a machine from The Jar might well prove a shrewd move, as there is bound to be a meal option to satisfy every need, as they are always stocked with an eclectic range of options, and always cater for vegans and vegetarians.

Pragmatism Meets Taste

Filled with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking options, our vending machines provide a quick and convenient food source for the office worker at any given time. Less time spent wasted standing in line or venturing out for a snack, more time to work! One less worry for your workforce, as they know they can rely on the consistent quality on offer within The Jar's healthy office vending’s machines.

Promoting A Healthy Diet

Additionally, since we are only stocked with healthy and nutritious meals, you would be actively promoting healthier eating habits amongst your work staff. Having ‘a lack of time’ to either prepare things in advance, or to have a proper meal on your lunch break, is a popular reason that workers give when asked why they eat poorly during the work week. Settling for a bag of crisps, chocolate bar or convenience store sandwich, with dubious nutritional value, can be a thing of the past by having a healthy vending machine installed in your office.

Also, the healthier your staff, the less likely they are to pick up colds of other sicknesses, so less time off work - everyone wins!

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