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Good reasons to buy healthy vending machine from The Jar Healthy Vending

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

The conscientious consumer no longer cares for carb-heavy foods that are chock full of chemical additives. Unhealthy is out and healthy is in, which is what we cater for at The Jar Healthy Vending. We are a reputable supplier of top-tier healthy vending machines carrying a choice selection of carefully curated nutritious meals, snacks and beverages.

We make healthy eating wonderfully convenient and easily accessible, no matter the environment. You can find our healthy vending machines installed in schools and universities, waiting rooms in medical settings, leisure and entertainment establishments and in offices and other workplace environments.

Vending machines are no longer the realm of sugary, stodgy, calorie-laden junk foods. The industry has accepted healthier snack alternatives into its fold and we are proud to be a part of this revolutionary step. Have you ever wondered whether you should join the revolution and buy healthy vending machine UK for your premises? We take a look at some of the arguments for purchasing healthy vending machines from us.

Why buy healthy vending machine UK from The Jar Healthy Vending?

Previously it was incredibly difficult to manage eating properly-balanced, wholesome meals at lunchtime or on the go when away from home. Employees and students would have to carry with them a packed lunch to avoid the unhealthy conventional vending machine fare. Now, there is a more convenient way to enjoy fresh, nutritious food for lunch or snack time – choose from the many delectable options supplied by healthy vending machines.

As suppliers of an inspired range of vending machines, here’s what we offer customers looking to buy healthy vending machine UK from us.

We have healthy vending machines ready to be installed that can be accommodated in any environment. We supply vending units that offer a slim, elegant design containing affordable, mouth-watering, healthy meals that cater to an array of dietary needs, available at a click of a button. Call us for more information on the types of diets we provide for.

The energy consumption needs of our vending units are surprisingly comparatively low. We also have a metered plug available for those wishing to measure energy usage of the unit.

Food products remain fresh in the vending unit thanks to custom developed software that is responsible for monitoring the temperature inside the vending machine. Should there be any worrying fluctuations in temperature reading, an alert is registered instantly.

Healthy vending machines in London, UK

Our machines are equipped with other state-of-the-art features such as an ultra-high resolution touch screen and on-screen dietary requirements filter. In addition to these plus points, our units offer wheelchair accessibility.

We are proud to be a sustainable-conscious company, which is why we ensure our vending machines are stocked with biodegradable wood based cutlery.

We provide a number of mobile payments methods for users to pay for their selections including Google Pay and WeChat QR Code.

Contact us at The Jar Healthy Vending for more information our ready-to-be-installed healthy vending machines or our fully managed vending machine service. Help your students, employees or patrons sustain their goals at eating healthily with our wide selection of hand-picked, top quality food products.

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